How do you Like Em’ Apples

Memory Palace (I was going to type in Mammary Palace, but):

There once was a very talented artist who dedicated his life to painting Fruits… not loonies, but those things that we can eat. He once had a dream where all the fruits of Mother Earth were laid before him. He woke up with an aching need to externalize his dream. His memory of the dream was fuzzy, so he decided to acquire all the fruits he could get his hands on. Now in those days, there was no or; so the artist went on a journey to document and collect all the fruits he could find. Since some fruits don’t last very long, he made wax replicas of all the fruits that would decompose. Smart Man. After many years he return home to finish his Magnum Opus. He arranged all his wax fruits and the actual fruits the night before the Full Moon in Virgo. The next morning he woke up excited to begin his work. But Alas! All the fruits, including the ones made of wax, were eaten up by Insects of different varieties. Seeing this as a terrible omen he decided to consult the Town Gypsy. The Gypsy pulled out her Tarot cards and presented him the Lovers Card. “You will be able to complete your work only when you find your missing half”, she groaned in epileptic frenzy. The artist was distraught and abandoned his work. After many years, he did meet a girl that he fell in love with. He found Gold… but never returned to completing the Vanitas. After all, what he wanted was fulfillment, not another painting with fruits, you looney!

Is that a Melon? Show us your work, critics…what? Oh, nothing? Easy to huddle around and just babble, eh? NoP Sleds, Christy (you barely got through pseudo-engineering-undergrad… how do you expect to understand)
Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare
In Wave 2, I cited a work that suggested that the Calf represented Moon and Venus. This image makes me think of the Bull, Aleph, Taurus, Etymology of God

It looks like I hit the media upload cap for this site. Time to jump to another Ship, Terra Incognita (cheval) style.


Live Shaman Fight (7 Years of, NBD: Seen it all) + Movie Night

We have a special guest in the House! Yep… a 4/10 rated Vampire showed up after shower to heat things up! I wish I could watch the 8/10 rated Amazonian Exorcism Witch wielding Red Demon go against her. Tonight we will watch Night at the Museum 2, because Magnolia might be too heavy because of today’s content. Let us adore that nice guy’s cheeks and laugh our asses off (if they pull this off good).

Let us hope strawberry on FruitBat systems compiles without issues. Winamp… you need a Linux Port, O Lord of Music Players, Whipper of The Llama’s Ass.

That sickly feeling during the whole movie was because of the unfortunate shaman fight. The fight ended with counting of sheeps, moos and a “my name is John Daker”… also identities in the form of the Eye and the Astral Ear were exchanged. I gave the Old Lady the name “Nora Brave”… because she had the M00nBalls to enter the Astral Ear. The Geez Breez team of do-gooders provided Moral Support. I guess the lesson we can all take away from this is that no matter how good things are, without the right perception, it’s all shite.

The Exit Committee Presents (No Life Eaters or Midgets taller than 6’2)

First of all, let us play a somber song dedicated to the future of many of our Top-Of-The-Pyramid Predators/Higher-Hoomans. We know you like to dress up like Gods and pretend to be Gods in your little parties. How does it feel now? Good, eh? I know you’re thinking of Scorched Earth; but the only thing that is going to be scorched is your Bung Hole after we are done Initiating you into the life of a Commoner.

What’s a somber song?

You know that scene when Eric Cartman licks the tears off Scott Tenor-man… how the lot of us want to run to you with a 1 litre Beaker: Sing it!

You know what… the tears go well with chai

The Geez Breeze Art Team and I had a small discussion involving a renegade art project dedicated to DJ BeetR00t. You know how these fancy blue blood families have cool Logos with alchemical concepts; hounds, ducks, butts etc. Let’s create a cooler version with the Motto “Present Thy Buns” and do some DJ Beetr00t PR-work.

Let us look at these fancy ‘Crests’.

dafuq… jpeg into void? what black magic is this?

The Windsor Motto+

The motto was originally a war cry or slogan. Mottoes first began to be shown with arms in the 14th and 15th centuries, but were not in general use until the 17th century. Thus the oldest coats of arms generally do not include a motto. Mottoes seldom form part of the grant of arms: Under most heraldic authorities, a motto is an optional component of the coat of arms, and can be added to or changed at will; many families have chosen not to display a motto.

Motto: Je me fie en Dieu
Motto Translation: I trust in God. (Sure ya do…)

The next coat of arms is sponsored by FjallRaven and Greta Thurnberg:

Mrs. Magnuson is a looker, eh?

Lot of Swedish Royalty in Nepal, huh?

Följ Kungahuset på sociala medier!

Följ Kungahuset på facebook, Youtube och Instagram!
Savvy Old Artifacts!
swallow the Lozenge

Let us study the Acting 101 Skills of the FjallRaven Royalty! Wunderbar! after this amazing song… let’s not fuse Gold with Nordic Barnacles

“The combination of Garlic and Salmon Roe with Nordic Barnacle creates the most expensive potion in the game (up to 5000 Gold, requires Hearthfire).”

Just 6000 views? They’re less relevant than PappadamPie.

The Princess got 13k Views… Nordic Barnacle Magick

Damn, the Geezer is still on top.

Ah, the Cute Child wins… is there a Royal Swedish Cat? Pretty Sure how…

Let’s do some [Generic Studies] on a video… one with a lot of social interactions.

Scale to all Octopus Cores Internationally… Yep… They At Davos, Ya’all!

Pretty sure Adolf is a lot like the famous Adolf.

Deepfake the Original Swedish Insignia one to this Video (Fjall…. Raven)

Very lifeless acceptance, huh? It’s like they’re not happy to receive the ‘award’. Strange. The nice lady at 2:18 tries her best not to look at the Geezer. You know how Prince Charles just decimated Michael Jackson during that presentation? Predator-Prey.

The 3:44 Swagger… I was beginning to think ‘Swedes’ have no fun in life.\

At 4:11, the lady in the pretty dress is being held by the Pressure-Control Unit. Hmmm… let’s go back. Will she try to kiss little Adolf? Ah, almost everyone huh? She needs to be relevant. After all, she only has One Job. You get paid for this? Seems easy enough for a ‘nutless’ monkey to do.

At 5:11-5! Yo! Power!!! She is responsible for the Piano Synchronization … OPERA TENET

What’s going on inside the head of the Lady in Green.

I love how the flood-control lady assures the Lady in Green… signals the dickhead announcer to call out her name. There’s a shine hit happening. A Nutless Monkey cannot do her job… Sorry.

King Olaf isn’t paying attention to the lady at 8:00… must be a boring life being a Royal attending all these empty elevator-music ceremonies.

Okay… I have to work with Brother Marx on some external Affairs: Let us resume our study after this brief break… Ads

Present the New and Improved Jacob’s Ladder from Germany!

[You got to chill, Blue-bloods… you know the price when you sign up for…oh wait, you didn’t have a choice, did you? They ritually kill you off if you don’t play your part. Puppets with Bloodlines]

They have a much better deal than the Celebrities… Celebrities are more disposable.

Investigate the lady at 0:27… those eyes and her right hand position to King Olaf.

Ah, Good ol’ Finland. Jesper had some exclusive [masonic-meeting] poisoning rights in America.. he fled to Berlin after the Animality

They made Ihana, the not so graceful or pretty Princess, a Female-Celebrity… you saw her in the previous video, and studied her body language and being. She’s not a Diva… just an awkward kid pampered by birth.

Enough of this classless shite, eh? I want to see the real Shaman Kings and Queens of Sweden. Why are they hiding? Are they Cowards? Oh, come one let’s see the real Shaman Kings and Queens of all Nations… not silly puppet Politicians or ‘Royalty’-Proxies. All Cowards… Fucking Low-Life Pieces of Shit. Possibly rotten looking too because of all the human hearts they have to eat in their rituals. Networking up from these Tabloid shits is a way to discover Gold… they have to eat, you know? They need servants to washen their ashen. Networking works…Dear Swedes and other brosisos.

Enter the FjallRaven

So next time, If you have the M00nBalls, join the Pokherized rather than sending your lower-tier Minions.


Keep it in the waters… If not, send a glove in advance. [Check out Interpol Video and Pokhara Warm-up video] … Unarmed Combat? Dung flinging? let’s entertain them with some Blood? up to you, baby… You too are the storytellers.

Champions and Proxies are for spineless Mamma’s Boys and Daddy’s Little Princesses. The Law, you can blindfold. I recommend picking a Forest so you can put on your masks after the show.

For Real! Yo Vampire Royalty… Come on out and let’s kill each other in igNoble Kombat. Any rotten coward can be brave with Champions and Dream support Vampires. {real Card}. If you pick the Forest, I doesn’t have to be 1 on 1. I will feed you to the Dogs or feed the Soil with your carcass, so forget the Troy Parents begging for last ritual narratives. You want to cite Nature and play the Higher sub-species… then let’s put it to the test.
Mortal Kombat is already a reality, honeydews… I’ve been playing it for 7 years or so

Voice: “That’s not how we do things”

Your ancestors had more Balls and Honour. Now you’re just cowards puppeteering puppeteers who puppeteer…. No Courage. How is that you hold your Heads so high up, when you are just a low-tier Parasite? You’re Fired {Donald Trump Voice]

I’m waiting for your psychic Birds… take your time to decide: you know exactly how much time we have. Of course, you can use your psychic powers, but without Proxies and Backing… if you have access to Demons (the exorcist witch had a big one..and you’re Racial Gods), bring them.

Come on…. I am bored with the Octopus and the LVL 10 Games

Clearly I’m better than your best Hannibal Lecters working together in teams of 100. 7 Years… I think I’ve seen them all… to be honest./Let’s Mortal Kombat… just us shamans/vampires/witches. A 7 week Hel of Resolutions in the middle of nowhere. Bring food, because foraging is a bitch. Pick a spot and I’ll be there before Vernal Equinox. Send Psychic birds… you have your Covid-19 travel restrictions to prevent the Others from coming. Let us Entertain and be Entertained. Initiate me in your Blood.

Option 1 [Non-Default](But they all at Davos and ya’ll are Cowards) #IfitsstillAGameForYou (Food won’t be a problem if we have representation from all gaming Tribes)

<Take your Time and think about it… again, you can have multiple people in your party if we pick the forest and do not use weapons (I need a pocket knife for cutting pollen… Honour Code) or technology/satellite support: Old School>

Let’s agree on the rules (the Tower will enforce) once you have a consensus. Send a Psychic Bird 🙂 (Don’t let me down… you are scary Vampires, after all). If you Bail, stop calling yourselves Gods, Please. Please, Please,Please… It’s Tradition, if you remember the old days well. You saw Fountain, didn’t you? [Also, we need some old War Dogs playing neutral party to deal with dead bodies][Varanasi has a lot of starving Dogs] <Cameras allowed so I can send your parents a Memoir… upload on /r/watchpeopledie… or for some of our twisted brethren to jack off to>. Natural Selection is something you Live by, right? I’m giving you your option but with a little more Punch. Please include that girl from Argentina from Pokherized; I want to show her how pretty her face looks with her face ripped off with rocks. No misogynism. No feminism. Just Rabid Animality let loose to decide the fate of the world whose fate is already written in Time; i know she’s not Royalty, and neither am I… but we need a first trial Kill to see how far we’ll go. What is her name? Probably must still be in Pokhara. Oh! Mario of Gusto too! I know you are going to kill him [good riddance]… let’s give his DeepLolly an Animalia experience! Get his Friend too. {Oh Mario, if you’re reading this, the Tower and many others have something very exciting in store for you; don’t chicken out and kill yourself : did you watch yesterday’s film? I want to hear your narrative in a few years. They picked you as my breakfast, not the other way round, as you probably thought. Your buddy looks like Luis Santana for a reason[Wave 1]}

A lot of the lads and lasses not currently holding ritual God/Pater of the Tribe/Mater of the Tribe are interested! The Tower will thoroughly examine all candidates (just to make sure no WWE or UFC fighter slips in through the cracks… a week long pre-psychic test (possible madness) before being eligible is nice). That said, the official Tribal/Racial candidates must be ceremonially inducted as the Head/Resh before they participate. All Tribes will agree on releasing the winning player from the Octopus etc. Everyone is really excited about this option… everyone with a lot of popcorn and some couchspace. Talking about snuff films, I would like to nominate a candidate from Tribe Wikipedia: The Greyjoy who Undid my Edit (what was his name?)…Let’s see if you really like octopii, my octopussy. I call dibs on his intestines… for an art project involving octopii and some Read-Write (what do you call those things)… yes.. EncycloPedos.

Let me seduce you Vampires into this option with a small Clippen

Just Imagine the Glory if things go your way… you love that,don’t you? and power…oohhh! Marmalade every day!

Else, let’s just do Art and watch Movies and stuff. You’re mixing both and that’s not fun for me.

Option B: (my Default): BARTY!!!! Present Thy Bums

Option B: Ice Cream.. Legalize Marijuana. Flac files explode all over the Internet. A lot of Vampires magically disappear. They release the next Half-Life… Get Duked 2…. A spin-off Paddington Movie with the Pirate Lass as the Lead (Yea!). FruitBat corp releases free computing devices for children in impoverished regions of the world… Linux becomes actually usable for our grannies… they cancel southpark…. we use 99999 to engineer high Def meat and leave the animals alone… mages map the stars with the eye in space… Quite Boring, i know. Let’s do A… maybe not… let’s go to fuckinghollywood Camelot!

If we go this route… party route, that is:

Ah… Isengard… Riverrun… Trinsic… Moonglow…

While the Black Team decides on the honorable Option A, Let us watch Man of the year by with Robin Williams and that Geezer who danced a lot to Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim. KSEB, you bastards, don’t let the World down.

Damn… how did this movie slip my radar… and why are the critics so dumb… the (the 9th gate is 6 something on IMDB when cookie-cutter Marvel movies get an 8. Investigate the Cult of Critics.

Not based on a True Story… But still really good for a guy who bunged a 13 year old and got away with it:

The Key to the 9/7th Gate is not in any Book… it is in One’s Being. One also does not literally *shingding* Sophia. The Director and Manson had many things in common. Be entertained, but internalize with discernment.
The Pin Code of the Anti-God Vampiric Team
Saturn-Winter Solstice-Jesus/Isa-AttK_The_MageStatusQuo-Fuzz

It really doesn’t matter how fancy your rare book collection is when the real book is Reality. It really doesn’t matter how massive your intellect is, when all you can do after reaching certain altitudes is to ride the Dragon. This disqualifies a lot of talented Black Mages and Necromancers… and Physicists. Alert(1);

Tech Companies are usually more evil and intelligent (not BatCorp Inc $BAT)… they would have deleted off the code check-ins and faked chat and email transcripts between Robin Genie Williams and the sort-of-annoying-but-damn-good female protagonist. The bug is so esoteric even 8th Grade Python programmers wouldn’t be able to make it…

long_int Candidate1=0; //eh

I’m not pulling a Neil De ‘Grass’ Mike Tyson (‘kissable lips’ according to many women) here…

It’s not an anti-technology rant, Town Straw-Hat! It’s about Power… and the general tendency to abuse it for Control (hit the bell pussile).

A Prodigy gets up on Stage:

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* it’s stuck in my head… damn that Bill Burr guy…

Now for some 7th Chakra Realism

If you are enlightened (I am not), _____ (what? go on dr. Phill?)

This is what the real One looks like:

Eternity feels shorter than this (aur)…. it could be worse (aur)… who gives a fuck what touche means… let’s etym. it


exclamation acknowledging a hit in fencing, 1902, from French touché, past participle of toucher “to hit,” from Old French touchier “to hit” (see touch (v.)). Extended (non-fencing) use by 1907.

Zackky Boy… what does fencing have to do with eternity? Do you know what Pindar means? Or what ‘Ogway’s Pie’ means to the Mages who keep your Beard in line? No? I didn’t think so.

touchstone (n.)

late 15c., from touch (v.) in the Middle English sense “to test” (metal) + stone (n.). Fine-grained black quartz, used for testing the quality of gold and silver alloys by the color of the streak made by rubbing them on it. Also see basalt. Figurative sense is from 1530s.

Nice ChimpTests1940s, Dingbats and Comic Sans.

Somehow I have an album art of Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich for this song… stop messing with the IDV3 Tags… Johan Johannsson does not belong in the Megadeth Folder.

Let’s Save The One… end Keanu Reeves simulated life of Torture by the Dark Mages… he’s a nice guy forced to play a lifestyle, Seth Rogan… Bikes don’t make you happy. If they do, they’ll downgrade your state of elation with a {CRASH}. Leave Keanu alone, you assholes!

Implale DeepFakes Ever-Masked Mages… Bring them to Option A; leave the rest to the Allies and me!

Investigate the Downfall of Britain’s Prime Minister and how he ended up being bunged by Russel Brand (dates fancy lastnames)

If you get screentime, you are fucked.

Many of you who are on a quest to find the Devil…. are you fucking Blind? How stupid are you? They are chopping off baby penises, and you’re trying to wield a sword and head to Etheropia.

Clearly your Racial/Religious/Label heads see you and your lives as mere pieces of entertainment to tweak as they wish… and you’re looking for the Anti-Christ.

Just talk to these real victims of the Octopus and ask them about their dreams, their lives, the people they are afraid about… network these people and work on a map of the World; that’s how you LVL up in this Age… if you head to a Jungle to eat some powder and do some breathing exercises, you will benefit… but just not that much as you think it would. It’s so easy to sit on that comfy chair or couch and make fleeting generalizations about things in reality you have never experienced, isn’t it? (Pep Talk). The Clues are everywhere, now that you’re looking. Save Keanu Reeves. The real Ones don’t need saving. Oh, you can still look into Michael Jackson’s Video conceivers for pachyderm dung sized clues.

Option A! H.K + L.K!!

Youtube sucks…. Sundar Pichai is just a proxy scape goat… I’m glad more people are looking into the real evil minds (usually hidden from PR) forging Google. (Number 5 Siegl!) ( Just coz I like their music doesn’t mean I stand with their political or racial views, bunggers) (Pushup music)

Not Yet.. but very soon (this is nothing, really… you should Feel Them! 1/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/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1/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/01/0)

Phew… that ARM Processor almost died, Ali-G…. nay, still 48 degrees… must be Worddepress. Imagine the Sensory spectrum occupying a nano-pixel of one of the pixels of a subscript 0. How small and Cute we are… like Ducks during Mating Day.

On to more matters of Import: Can people Seed Tom and Jerry Kids … I’m investigating the Halloween Special episode.

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