Happy Emperossa Day!

16:56: Unbreakable

What’s in a Name, really? CLICKS AND ADMONEY? meh…MEH…M.E.H

Back to Programming

The Upload that Failed in the last Moongate

[The Cloud Segment to mark a new beginning]

[I can’t fix the broken encoding of .ruVShollywood.torrent files… as of now.]

Level Check: [If you’re throwing words like “hybrid” hit the snake and reach Level 10. Meatwad is Lvl 50]

Tonight’s Film Feature: Disney, you Ka haters, that bluray disk broke during the best part. As a compensation, I will download Monsters University (also to defend the honour of Miyasaki in that Pixar Exec Hug Scene).

[ProtocolThermocol]yts.mx/movies/monsters-university-2013 :: For Miyasaki!!

This movie depicts the real Shine Stealing industry of giving Children Nightmares and stealing their Lifeforce. I remember many as a kid. How many were real nightmares? You should have seen Bill Haddar’s face [Fairmont Gym]…

[Real Card: You can’t splice Ants and Scorpions together. That song by Loverboy hit me just a while ago.]

“The Eye of the Ancients”, is a Steiner expression.

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