The Committee for Dream Protection Presents

Let’s get down to business right away:

The forces of Anti-Spirituality occult the Godhead. Don’t look for apes, goats, or serpents. The Tower is the Ultimate-Human-Manifest Devil whose original purpose is to preserve the True Meaning of the Archetypes in Esoteric Tarot/Zodiac/TheEternalCycleOfWeAre (not the things you get to buy in Occult-Themed Stores [that keep track of the Consumers for…] ) with the Tides of Time. Of course the so-called Devils and Demons can be found inside everyone with the right-Mirroring]. Principalities.

[Build your own Esoteric Tarot Deck]

Update as you Level Up [Mages’ Guild Side-Quest] #ForSynchronisationNotDivinationProfiteering
Not the Quest for Francium, but for Spiritual Light
‘dry and cold’ to me resonates with ‘Inert-Foundation’ at a primal level, as of now… if you’re hot inside, you use pleasantly-cold water for the Elemental Purification Ritual. If you’ve cold inside, you used lukewarm water for the Elemental Purification Ritual. If you’re like me, you wish to mix them both to music [Save Water Though… Splurge only if you’re area has Floods and a lotta rain]. Sulfur and Mercury, when expressed as a duality, the former represents Sol/Sun/Soul; Mercury isn’t the Devil, if you know your metaphysics [If you guessed that correctly, Lvl up by 2, else Lvl down to Meatwad; Snakes take you down and up: Alter the Mouth to signify ‘source’ and Tail to signify ‘sink’. That is, The Snakes are Ladders too, and Ladders are SSnakesSsSsSSSSsss as well]

The next pick isn’t random but complements the random pick from our Standard Textbook.

You can use an Invisible Sword for Exorcism… An Exorcism ritual can be similar to the occupations rituals of Monsters Incorporated (exorcise that life-force) from the child.

Gain [Scholar Lvl Perks] if you connected Rahu with the ancient God of the Nakhis. You made a Game, so we’re playing it; it’s not a Game with the other inhabitants, keeping in mind that the Upward Pyramid and Downward Pyramid are everywhere.

CommsModule Tavern Stand-Alone Display Unit Added

[The Invisibles[sic…blah?] Mash-Up]


Continue? Y/N [Y reaches]

[Uploading Images… Picking Fusion]


Play Soulfly-Prophecy {7 Years or so Ago}

{Tavern Display Down!} After a series of events involving an error in backlight display (6 blinks of red Hal-9000), I return to the FreeBsdBung that does not detect the Universal?SerialBus Keyboard.

On to the Next Section.

Wait! The Keyboard is Up. So it isn’t like that last King of Tokyo game, after all.

Investigate the U.F.O simulations of the Tower to muddle Sailors. [Prometheus Rising Author:? Robert Anton (Anthonny Chettai) Wilson… Drones that look Unidentifiable is a Technical Possibility…not Magical if you understand the machinery] [The Ocean Beach Fun: Wave 1 Video+Images]
God IS
Yep… but Magic won’t indulge your Chimp-Tests-1940s

Tonight we will explore the treacherings of Uncle Walt in Monsters Inc (The Follow-up that came Before).

Monsters Inc. and the Shine-stealing Industry that all the Cool, Successful people seem to know about; pacts with the Devil.

Before we end the transmission, let us Adore our Emperossa again:

Create a Hymn For Lady Butlerina Emperossa…. Homiebama’s Imperator!!

So the Ad just told me “Somebody Gonna Get Hurt Real Bad”… The Tower wants to see the Other Ferrero Rochers. The Pokherized one never recovered from the “whoring my free time for social grace”, use the word ‘Whore’ in the Present-Continuous Verb-Form in a sentence example.

Hymn 11:14 Never Forget Praise

Level Up, My Imp-Emperossa!

Read Along this Papyrus of Praise to Hymn 11:14. Adore, Ya’all! She At Davos, Ya’all!

Papyrus of Unagi:

To be fair, Hillary Got the Most Fire. Ask the Tower.

— Hail Emperossa and the Butlers of the Abbey!—

The former FLOTUS has continued to charm [read as Warm] America with her knack for selecting elegant but down-to-earth designs. Conspiracy: The California Fires after Obama’s Term!

One academic even did a study of Obama’s effect on fashion and concluded that, when she wears a garment, that garment’s designer can get a financial boost to the tune of $38 million

Why Downton Abbey got a Fucking Movie with that Harry Potter Granny as the Matron of the Temple

“I always say that women should wear whatever makes them feel good about themselves. That’s what I always try to do,” she told Vogue in 2013.

Creating the Lady Gaga Phenomenon

At the inaugural ball in January 2009, Obama’s ethereal white gown put young designer Jason Wu on the map.

Who? ::Powered by WordDepress

Okay, enough of the Adoration… even the Minions are getting the Praise.

Michelle, Let me tell you something, As Obama’s Anger Management Expert… You still can’t beat Homiebama’s Pirate Costume.

From the Sacred Dung Papyrus:

[end of Carnival Segment]

Investigate the Trump Kek Simulation by the Tower

[Monsters Inc, the Documentary]

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