“Any Attention is good Attention” – KSEB

Welkomme! We hold the resource! We produced it! Although the label is Pariah, we take full credit for all the good things… Including the Orionids Meteor Showers! So enjoy as you bask in the sunshine of a culture so ancient, it will make Mecha Streisand sing “Keeche Keeche” in D-Minor.

NooSultan Tulyaq Bhai enters the stage for his KSEB rant:

“Muddaafuckaaaa… You think power forever ei? Power not forever! Power in Our! “Shpootala harshabillaha peee peee!” As the Sultan of Barbazee once said. Listen… We can do this psychically and then you’ll have to rely on higher chain mongrels to give you a sync-up on what’s happening at the psychic level. We’re going to read Saga Volume 1. Photos will be uploaded maybe, but activities will be still in sync at the Cloud level. If you want out, just get the fuck out. Oh, but it’s about controlling the others, right? You don’t want them to sync up. Your Mongrel Pyramid Heads really are looking out for you. Mongrel==PureBlood=IncestRateInLabelsSoHi-realStudyLookUp”

NooSultan Bhai gets tomato-ed off stage. You are not supposed to talk like that. The committee apologizes for the actions of the previous speaker, you Mongrels!

Power is on, but we will still read Saga… This is how this magic journey begins

Keep it Classy, Tulyaq Bhai

Oh, Y The Last Man was Gold even back in 2008-2010.

Ufff…the Coconut Oil is too strong!

Electric Wizard plays See You in Hell
And so on… The Saga Begins
Not always…used to be always, and look where that led us?

— A Defense against Vampirism —

Ever wonder how Magic Talismans work? Shaman (nightRiding Type: Not me… I walk the Night in broad-daylight, cowards… I’m also magically sealed from astral projecting after that try-Bellini’s-AmphoraOfSalvation 17 year-old incident) energy becomes a part of the amulet. Chitta changes when one is victim to Vampirism alerts the Shaman who intercepts the dream. This can be done with prana-infused rocks as well. To scale, form a Guild for Protecting Children with full support from the Tower to the Shed. Let’s get into the details. Parents report to agency concerning their child’s recurring nightmares and life-loss; the Dream Protection Agent (who also has Dream Navigation abilities) gets a benchmark of the child’s chitta and places the amulet infused with prana; sure, chips can read emotional levels and brain activity, but do you really want a hackable module in your child’s head?. Just sensors is a cool idea; but what about bad day dreams and the constant dependency of being chained into electricity? Memory of the chitta, because we have no empirical means to record and store this experiential input, and indexing of chitta to the Godchild will be skill; you remember Lemon and Salt; but can you relate 1000(add more 0s depending on your Locale) children with their constantly changing chitta and find anomalies in realtime to intercept Monsters Incorporated? Scaring Dreams are often short-bursts too lasting only seconds, depending on prey weakness. That’s my fucking Astronaut! If there’s a miss, the Dream Protection Agent must be able to work with the child post forced-sleep-hypnosis and undo the damage, as well as collect data and information on the Vampiric agents. The focus should be on unmasking the Vampires into broad daylight and giving them Justice and a Switch Card (tradition/caste/forced/rapedAsA3YearOld etc.)Nothing New: The local Healer-for-the-Women when I was living the 80s (Mustard of Puppets!1986!) set me up with a Manoj Night Shyamalan Amulet when I was a child; the ladies knew who to get in touch with if nightmares were a constant recurrence. The Healer was Muslim too[Chelakkara!Demon’s Pit Yo!]; what a kind lady!

The functions of religious institutions originally was to provide services like ‘Dream Protection Agent’ etc. Now they wear the Vampiric Mantle. You know how it is; you read about the things they do to people in broad day-light; you think they’re any less seduced by the Open Internet of Imagination Land. I can site pretty much all Religions when it comes to Night Vampirism [Tower agrees] based on the Real. Rapes of that order is a thing too, I am told… sure, if they…. you know.

Roaches are cute actually… Human Roaches are the real ‘Roach’Feeling

[Meanwhile in a different mindscape a budding Magician goes online-dating]

Lord Peeley just deleted 11 facebook friends, all women.

Yesterday is Gold, not Shit, Dear Pantera Brothers. The old lady was a Healer, and I used a term that has different meaning (con, evil-blood-sucking-white-saree-spinsters etc.) depending on the audience.

Theosophical Society Angry Folk Dance Wallpaper
They’ll provide you with scapegoats and set-ups to appease your anger … network [de-emote] network… One Punch – All or First Combo. In the Waters… they run things, in case you haven’t noticed šŸ™‚

Skyrim pales in the face of the Reality Game, huh?

meant for this!

Next-Up: Death – Crystal Mountain [Prediction Team : Gamblers]

This was a killer tape compilation (mix-tape): https://www.spirit-of-metal.com/en/album/XXX_Three_Decades_of_Roadrunner_Records/264885

We’re waiting for the National Jesus part in this song…deep inside of yooooooooooooo Guitar Solo … right at least at the level of being a joke …. here it comes! yyo! Jebus Christ looks like m3! 7:!5

Aurum Deposit 7:15 of Christian Woman by Type O Negative

cash to randymarsh@southpark.com.edu.xxx.wtf? [new Bitcoin model]

The Neighbors must think I’m listening to the Gospel [Castro Street Kat Club Version: Gothic Karaoke Nights]

Okay, now a song to appease the Mathemagicians (the ol’ mathangathalayanmaar) {Never forget that Ladakh Shaman cussFight… “u no good at math, bitch”

I feel like a teenager listening to all of this old stuff… the geezers must still be ‘Ah, Yesterday’

Again, we we visit K.P.S.C Lalitha’s household for some old fashioned entertainment:

Distill all experience for Gold

Back in my day, we had to play with this circular gear tape mechanism quite often while listening to music… a linear music experience … fungus and water and other things made it more volatile than a 1.44′ inch disk…floppy disk. Around that time, I found a band that was ‘Hard’ as fuck as the years I can remember put together. #NoBigDealSally

I was 14 or something

Yep.. that Red Dragon and I are incidentally of the same age.

“my way” to “your my way”

Time to F.Forward to the Future

Yippeyayi Yay! Yippe Yayi huuuu! Banana! Russian-Swearing! A Tower-Drop … Prince Harry Potter drinking Beer of his GrekGoddess shoes, “I hater my life when I’m Here” Guy/ professional Gamer
Lisa O o Lisa… Lisa O O Lisa….. Nice try, Guys: lasted 3 minutes or something

Let us glide to pleasantness… after this song!

They called Max Richter! Ha ha !

I’m gonna Patapon a little before Pazhupu Fiction

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