The Department of Mythical Purification (D.M.P) Presents…

Execs of this non-profit Order present to you a Solution for the Flu.

Chief Honey Bear and Madre Hisssini present

don’t internalize these decans specified into your inner-Zodiac. Purify, yes.

The decans have all been occulted; Refer to the Denderah decans please. See fusion attempt in Wave 1/Bhutan Upload.

The Day’s Seed

— Wanted —

The Gentleman who is very likely a FreeMason (Dimply Cheeks and all) working with the Nightmare Team. Use cuss words to detect ‘Comfort Zone == Being’; scratching and the ol’ pick a nose tends to draw out the clues really well.

In Minority Groups, especially among African Americans, heads tend to dissimulate their ‘Nobility’. They all work together; [The Philly Museum Trip and the Illuminati Ritual Weapon occulted]

Now for some Magic… let’s talk to the Kid.

The Tower suffered some minor stun damage in the wave section. The Geezer at the bottom left is one of the Weavers studying the Higher Spheres. Unlock all faces in the kid’s heart. The prana loss is normal; this is why certain things are occulted to preserve their primal state. Don’t show your artifacts to those you do not trust. The central Godhead figures will dance on activation.

The whole album, while the Gang and I try to find untainted bird seeds for everyone.

[Seeds acquired! Along with some Thought-Streams from the Ducks: Quack! Quack! He is mercurially projecting our ‘jaada’2.0 Quack! Quack!]

The Guild of Freemasonry tells me that having dimples is not a requirement to join their Fraternity.

Spot the Dimple Challenge (sponsored by the California Freemason Society)

let’s baby-pinch a few dimples:

[The Shaquille O’Neal Meeting…. the size of his girl’s heels #CalAcademySciences]

So Alchemical

No… they’re not the Higher Order Masons, right? Anyone can be a Minion, Bitch. :: These Trolls gave birth to 4chan during a one-night meaningless shag.

I think we found the guy:

Look Down

Finally the Dimple Template I’m talking about. Straight out of Ultima 7!

Und Mayor of Trinsic

At 1:20 you see an old buddy (very nice guy who runs a Gundershlag Machine)… at 1:39, a funny lookin’ fellow begins to rant. At 4:13 a 3-dimensional Platonic Figure talks about 2-dimensional art. At 5:37, Ultima 7 the Black Gate begins. At 7:25, a curious Image appears… Housecat!

At 10:14, the Eyes… tis’ Hisss!

[Imagination Time: A revered athlete (cricket/basketball(33′)/American foosball etc.) bound to a group of Life-Eaters (not a label) is demanded by his higher-degree (proxy to High-Birth?) Magicians to throw the game (shine modification, gambling profit, or other shenanigans). The athlete uses his scholarly understanding of the principalities to defend his True-Game. Write or Imagine his/her Building Stand-Off with the ‘Higher’ Powers]

Story Exercise. Tonight we will watch that Tarantino movie

Pazhupu Fiction… Pulp Fiction!

On a sssssserious note, the Masons of California probably know about the California Fires and upcoming Lebanonish (let the people feel miserable since covid-19 is not enough) Rituals.

You don’t just stop investigating at the layer of Money Flow; there are narrative and power flows too that remain invisible until focus reveals the details.
In order to understand them, you have to go back… the same way you go to inorder to understand yourselves. So my Bretons and Khajeets, do we still have a Skooma shortage? At 28:00 stop the video because of the censorship
If you’re 111, They’re 666, What’s it like to be a Scapegoat?

For some reason I remembered the game Hexen(Heretic?)


Audio Off:



That was some insane gameplay… lots of practice, focus and knowledge of secret layers… Now imagine the same game where your survival depends on not losing your sanity(Social-Interface) like that game Insomnia, and not losing your temper (if you become violent, they’ll get you in less than a minute: That doom ending?) to the incessant trolling of Life Eaters (with Lvl 80+ in Psychology and Social Psychology). They play with your Friends and Family, and whoever else is in close interface (co-workers) with you. You only get faint hints of such antagonists in movies and stories: Hydra, Octopus and the whole menagerie of collective-evil.

That’s the real game; don’t send Korean young-but-uber-talented gamers into a battlefield thinking they’ll MMORPG the experience.

Let’s study, for everyone’s sake, the psychology of some (it’s a curated video… there are bad-ass gamers too) aspects that we relate Nerds to (try to think of the Red Dragon character who scared us more than Anthony Hopkins… for real); Hopkins was at least in a cage… Wunderkid got sloppy with Journalist protection… the Red Dragon picked an obvious link to his job when America’s Funniest Home Videos was a better source (At least for One Moon cycle… switch sources every month… 16 Women of different ages picked at Random for Narrative Ritual Completion. Let’s pretend he evolves to Beast Mode in a sequel because Wunderkid got a wrong guy (bait the baiters trick))

Don’t make fun of children please… we’re just looking at their Character Sheet in a Social Game; they excel in Pow Pow! How does that affect their Social Gaming? (let’s skip the Pac Man High Score Fraud for now)

/r/indianpeoplefacebook is a thing, so let’s not ___

At 0:30-2 = 0:28,. the Master of Blades addresses All of Humanity!

Can we get a Blade Master harmonized “We are Ready!!!!!!!!”? //While i wait for the Internet Gnomes to load the damn video on 420p

Investigate the Vampire attack at 1:30!

At 2:05 Chris Trueblood enters the Arena in search of Skooma

At 2:14, The Tower Vision

The moment as the King of England began to drink Beer? Not CCC Matte! Out of Nike’s Shoes, the Shed Power went down. This is my first time watching this Video.

“I already hate my Life when I’m here”, as the video ended. Gaming is a way to find refuge in a world of Daphnes and Scratches; a sanctuary filled with predictable things or NPCs (not in those procedurally generated games) who titillate the senses and the Ego in the Comfort Zone of a Bean Bag; for many, not All.

No offense to the Anthony Hopkins fans; I just think the Red Dragon had more potential in infinite character development. Both characters see the Jungle and choose to play a part: one takes the role of a gourmand who prepares delicious food out of his prey; the other chooses to enact transformation in mythic but bestial Levels. Hannibal never Levels Up. The Red Dragon character could take on a new skin after each Full Moon. It will require Will Graham to change his own Being in opposition and in synchronicity with the Red Dragon; this will push him to levels he runs frantically away from. This could be the premise of the sequel, Awesomo 9000. Graham will have to delve into the Old Books like The 9th Gate’s Johnny Depp; when they mention the Red Dragon in the first movie, the shot took us to Graham’s Body. That was Intentional, Mann.

Dude: Valhalla Rising, Not Hannibal: your imprint.

So to gel with the first film nicely, reveal that the Scapegoat Red Dragon was under the control of a voice ( psychological or psychic, depending on the audience you want to cater to )… Using him to Vicarious make the first few kills… Switching finally to doing the rituals Himself…Graham’s family, of course being the 16th. If Graham is deliberately revealed the plan, the Red Dragon will be able to motivate his development… Oppositional Forces complement One’s own alchemy. Come on, how hard is it for a Psychopath with Secret Society Protection to Off 16 Families for a Ritual. 9/11? That will make things very interesting and Graham’s Ordeal, a fast-paced ride into the World of Feeling Helplessness and Climactic Shifts in the Waters. That’s the kind of bad guy even the trolls aspire to be… The Red Dragon.

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