AddenDum(b): Stubbbid

Sergey and Larry: you are noted luttapies high up above. *sent you an invitation years ago for__*

Spoiler Alert: The Tower is going to get this in the Waters. Sorry 😉

I am going to have a lot of fun watching them get Fucked Up.

Such fun awaits the Ol’ Lords n’ Ladies of VampireLand. Not a silly action Film; an Adam Sandler flick: Waterboy. “Foosball players and all…”

[Meanwhile in Reality Fun Land]

Let’s address some important questions because “In the Waters” was mentioned in the Cabin in the Woods sequence for the Tower. Who started the Fire? Tower? Me? You? We? Yes, We started the Fire.

Just how many of us know what Cranial Blood really smells like? [Unlucky accident:: Pottakuzhy Wedding [post] rain Bike Ride]… it’s funny: Vampires are just as afraid of Water as they are of the scent of gag-inducing deep bleeding. Interestingly, not a single dream simulation had blood with its visceral quality.

Sure, the Plum-Cheeked softies love to play War for Fun and Profit; but do they actually know what Blood smells like?

They know what Apple Cider tastes like; and most of you, especially Katy Perry, know what Lemon and Salt tastes like.

The Untouchables… the Invisibles… the ones too afraid to walk in daylight… how will they fare when daylight is plenty? Fear, scanty? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Let’s sing a sea shanty, shall we?

Pottakuzhi Palli is also known as Little Flower Church (they sell Flowers at times) (hehehehehe); it’s funny how heavy someone’s body actually feels when they are passed out. Real Blood makes you want to puke, actually. It’s … what’s the word for it? … [penetrates deep with it’s pazhupu smell… especially if the skull gets powdered a little]; it’s kind of strange when you reach the hospital, and little girls cry out of fright because they see a 188 centimetre dude covered in blood, right down to the underwear. A Wedding in Little Flower Church and almost a fucking Funeral. I slept like a baby, as always back then, that night. Now it’s the mosquitoes and their sleep games.

Ah, talking about deaths, I still remember that time the (non-sky-scrapper) building next to Karama Center went up in flames, and an African plunged to his death. His crushed body asked for water. All the three of us could do was gape at the form the human body takes when one plunges into the ground trying to escape the fire. Now that I think about it, many fires aren’t accidental at all. I tried to look up news articles related to that incident in 2001/2002? that happened in Dubai; no luck. Inayat asked Sayed Imran not to giggle, because people were dying; a close friend decided to start at the dick of a burn victim who wasn’t escorted into the ambulance by the Paramedics. All Africans. When I told Aaliya, the King Killer Simulation, about this incident, I don’t know if she believed me.

We’re going to watch the Nolan Masterpiece, Inception: A couple kept yapping at the theatres in PentaMenaka. Blurayed-4 or 5 times; now the disk has Error, Error,… Fingers Crossed.

[Southpark really went downhill in that episode where they mocked Inception; don’t be jelly, matt prabhakar]

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