The Halls of Malloc()ia

You’re at 45:00 of SleepyGirls ( 6 is my fav )

The lead singer from the one hit wonder Crazy Town (comma lady come comma lady… Yer my chicken fry, lady)
[To Do]: Repair this section of the Fairy land (W-UDP-PDP-AppLayer-Financial-Political-Shamanic-1/0Ic)

We meet again, The Mayor of Trinsic:

Lydia isn’t that kind of gal. I think the sneaky Jarl of Windhelm is using her as a Spy

SLEEPYGIRLS end in sync.

Time to return to that long-ass quest to find the scroll:

read as: Embrace All
She’s in the Binary electric signals too, huh?
So much for the 46 Chromosomers’ war with Nature… The End. Other beings of the Jungle laugh at Humanity, the Jesters of Earth.

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