The Protocols of UniversalNet Presents

This is Seraphini of the Old Testament. You may know me as the Dragon, Makara or Naga. Need some Rye? Of course, you do!

Today we will focus on the noble Crow in a non-random pick. Non-random picks will be included after the Crow lands and gives us the picks. Shake it.

(If you’re backward in thinking and being, read raven as Ravaan) #MuseumMaterialSally

Kaw kaw kaw… Crow lands on HalfLife 2
Noah had a Dove too, right? Different Birds to represent the same symbol

Next one is not random as well, because the Scorpion scoops down on Us All as well

Terms: Sado-Mal Complex. Also, the Old Fairies (the kind you see in Peter Pan), we think, are very likely beings of the Insect World. Sure, we all saw Pan’s Labyrinth. But do you know many of them (you know the angry fly, i forget his name) just as Pure as Plants in chitta?[rhetorical question, not a mantra] They communicate sometimes in fragrances (Yep)… thank you Katy Perry with Lemon and Salt. That Scorpion piece is beaming with angry energy… check the old pictures and see if you can scan its current state, young Padawans and Hanumans.
The’running away’ part is makuti. As Scorpio rises, Orion Sets… also means, as Orion rises, Scorpio Sets. Sickle also has a Moon property… the Druids and their healing Sickles; From Moon to No/New-Moon?

Now for the Seed of the day, brought to you by the Scorpion and the Crow.

Sorry… thanks to advanced AI character recognition software, we might be able to extract the shade. Challenge. Don’t cheat by libgening the Book and training the damn program. Summary: Orchids are Balls.
The Phallic passing on isn’t metaphorical. It is energetic. Yep.
If you have the Book: Crow, Scorpion, and randomPick[Orange until Osiris]

Music as we wait for the Upload.. to be Cut Pasted after the Upload. FU KSEB

This Morning, the Council of Ethereal Affairs (46 Chromosome Division, Battalion Poopy-2) and the Lads/Lasses of Etheropia had a discussion concerning the Vikings. We agreed that the Pirating nature that the Viking are known for, is very likely a makuti to veil the Highly Spiritual Nature of the Old Ones who built the AREPO square, Stonehenge synced with Celestial Cycles, Poetic Edda (the unedited version that Greta Thurnberg’s real version read in her Mother/Father tongue), Lord of the Rings, Bambi, Marley and Me and other soul-moving non-pillaging archetypes of Eternity. The Tower whole-harhartedly agrees.

Beyond the Aww-factor, the Team agrees that beneath the layers of ‘White Guilt’, there is an additionally brainwashed component of ‘feeling evil’ by being White. Almost as though, a non-archetypal identity is taken on just based on false history and poisoned myths. If Zeus could do this and that, so can Pedro the Minoan. If Hera can make Hercules go crazy and make him massacre his own family (Nepal, Ouch), then so can the Ladies of Shetland.

There is no Slave new World… that’s the Old World and the World that we’re living in. Sepulturaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

To Coheed and Cambria Youtube recommendation. The Mother is in all of us… you feel your life pulsing, don’t you? Oooh! Ouch! She be no Sea Nymph High up the Clouds sitting over an upside-down Throne… ARRR.

I’m not happy with the way Orpheus faded out.


I heard in a mainstream (news) article that listening to Moonlight Sonata (or wast it general Mozart?) makes one attuned to higher states of comprehension.

I know the playback (at least the first few chunks of it) in the Inner Random Access Memory.

no alert(109);

Ah! Got it, sort of

Several etymologies for the name Orpheus have been proposed. A probable suggestion is that it is derived from a hypothetical PIE verb *orbhao-, “to be deprived”, from PIE *orbh-, “to put asunder, separate”. Cognates would include Greek orphe, “darkness”, and Greek orphanos, “fatherless, orphan”, from which comes English “orphan” by way of Latin. Orpheus would therefore be semantically close to goao, “to lament, sing wildly, cast a spell”, uniting his seemingly disparate roles as disappointed lover, transgressive musician and mystery-priest into a single lexical whole. The word “orphic” is defined as mystic, fascinating and entrancing, and, probably, because of the oracle of Orpheus, “orphic” can also signify “oracular”.

The deprivation that one feels when one is disconnected from the Supreme Spirit, the thirst for Atonement. He did not lose his Wife, or be torn into pieces like Dionysus in Lesbos. He fell in the same way as Icarus and Prometheus, because that archetype of everyone realizing their divinity is against our archetypal notions of Power and the Controlled.

The Ancients and the best of our Seers ask us to look to the Stars for the encoded himysteries of Natures/Saturnes.

Despite Orpheus’s Thracian origin, he joined the expedition of the Argonauts. Centaur Chiron had warned Argonaut leader Jason that only with the aid of Orpheus would they be able to navigate past the Sirens unscathed.

Mythic Bucketing

You stopwith the 1st Movement and chose a different Allegero:


1721 as a musical term, from Italian allegro “brisk, sprightly, cheerful,” from Latin alacrem (nominative alacer) “lively, cheerful, brisk” (see alacrity). The same Latin word came into English 17c. as aleger “lively, brisk,” from Old French alegre, from Latin Related: alacris; and Milton used “L’Allegro” in its literal sense as a poem title (1632) :: That explains the somewhat ‘forced’ transition (imho) that Beethoven had to comply with.
This is Sprightly/Fairy-like in Quality

[ Fusion ]

wife of Orpheus in Greek mythology, from Latinized form of Greek Eurydike, literally “wide justice,” from eurys “wide” (see eury-) + dike “custom, usage; justice, right; court case,” “custom, usage,” and, via the notion of “right as dependent on custom,” “law, a right; a judgment; a lawsuit, court case, trial; penalty awarded by a judge,” from PIE *dika-, from root *deik- “to show,” also “pronounce solemnly.” [Ibid.]

The genus Argiope includes rather large spiders that often have a strikingly coloured abdomen. These spiders are distributed throughout the world. Most countries in tropical or temperate climates host one or more species that are similar in appearance. The etymology of Argiope is from a Latin word argentum meaning silver.[3] The carapace of Argiope species is typically covered in silvery hairs.

Thank you Wikipedia for Hosting and Allowing Alternate-Domain Hosting of your Content. Stingy, eh… the Broken Img Tag Bearers

A minor god in Greek mythology, attested mainly by Athenian writers, Aristaeus (/ærɪˈstiːəs/; Greek: Ἀρισταῖος Aristaios), was the culture hero credited with the discovery of many useful arts, including bee-keeping;[1] he was the son of the huntress Cyrene and Apollo.

Aristeus (“the best”) was a cult title in many places: Boeotia, Arcadia, Ceos, Sicily, Sardinia, Thessaly, and Macedonia; consequently a set of “travels” was imposed, connecting his epiphanies in order to account for these widespread manifestations.[2]

If Aristaeus was a minor figure at Athens, he was more prominent in Boeotia, where he was “the pastoral Apollo”,[3] and was linked to the founding myth of Thebes by marriage with Autonoë, daughter of Cadmus, the founder.[4] Aristaeus may appear as a winged youth in painted Boeotian pottery,[5] similar to representations of the Boreads, spirits of the North Wind. Besides Actaeon and Macris, he also was said to have fathered Charmus and Callicarpus in Sardinia.[6]

The Hari-Hara Fusion… the Ol’ Cult Assimilation Trick in the Book

Orpheus went down to the lower world and by his music softened the heart of Hades and Persephone (the only person to ever do so), who agreed to allow Eurydice to return with him to earth.

Did he include ‘the only person to ever do so’ because Persephone wanted a Lover, not just a WarLord?

Ovid says that Eurydice’s death was not caused by fleeing from Aristaeus but dancing with Naiads on her wedding day.

Naiads! That Hercules TV Show with all of mynxes of __

The Greek word is Ναϊάς (Nāïás, pronounced [naːiás]), plural Ναϊάδες (Nāïádes, [naːiádes]). It derives from νάειν (náein), “to flow”, or νᾶμα (nâma), “running water”. “Naiad” has several English pronunciations: /ˈneɪæd/, /ˈneɪəd/, /ˈnaɪæd/, /ˈnaɪəd/.

Watch the Hercules TV Show for the Plot!

[Meanwhile in a mindscape somewhere: Ace Ventura sharpens his Phurba… let’s not go there]

Did we just turn sideways and get distracted by the Sirens? Who has a Resurrection?

In planetary geology, a scopulus /ˈskɒpjʊləs/ (pl. scopuli /ˈskɒpjʊlaɪ/, from Greek σκόπελος “peak”[1]) is a lobate or irregular escarpment.[2] In the early 1970s, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) adopted scopulus as one of a number of official descriptor terms for topographic features on Mars and other planets and satellites.[3] One justification for using neutral Latin or Greek descriptors was that it allowed features to be named and described before their geology or geomorphology could be determined.[4] Currently, the IAU recognizes 54 descriptor terms. (See Planetary nomenclature.) Thirteen features with the descriptor term scopulus are present on Mars.

According to the Roman poets Virgil (Aeneid, 5.864) and Ovid, the Sirenum scopuli were three small rocky islands where the sirens of Greek mythology lived and lured sailors to their deaths. “The Sirenum Scopuli are sharp rocks that stand about a stone’s throw from the south side of the island” of Capri, was Joseph Addison‘s confident identification.[1]

So, the Mars Island… we can keep branching infinitely and arrive at the same destination. Use the Compass, not the Map of done-Narratives for my Being.


In particular, the name Eurudike (“she whose justice extends widely”) recalls cult-titles attached to Persephone. The myth may have been mistakenly derived from another Orpheus legend in which he travels to Tartarus and charms the goddess Hecate.

Demotion of Orpheus… like how Ravana become an Asura, or how Hilumandju became a kneeling Hanuman under an arrow; or how Brahma lost his semen during Shiva’s wedding [for real]; Brahma, Brahma, Brhman, Brahmin and InceptionAtCMUTheaterBroIknowYou’dCumScene(Lesbos(#sim)+Arthur)HaHaHaLoud are cognate/related.

After the death of Eurydice, Orpheus swore off the love of women and took only youths as his lovers. He is reputed to be the one who introduced male love to the Thracians, teaching them to love the young in the flower of their youth.

Hmmmm… Ask the Thracians… who are they now?


Let us move on to

What does the Banner Say? (In the tree a banderole with legends: “Orfeus der erst puseran” (Orpheus, the first pederast). The woman at the left and the boy were used by Dürer a few years later in the engraving known as “Jealousy” (more correctly “Chastity and Unchastity”).


Orpheus the First Pedo? Are they implying that the cult priests of Orpheus openly indulged in pedophilia, like most other ancient cultures? Did the new wave shift together into a different religion with (religion: going back) refined values? or did a bunch of dicks just move in and demonize the old religion? All cults degenerate with time, we all know. The eternal Competition… the Game:

Another Death Story:

According to a Late Antique summary of Aeschylus‘s lost play Bassarids, Orpheus at the end of his life disdained the worship of all gods save the sun, whom he called Apollo. One early morning he ascended Mount Pangaion (where Dionysus had an oracle) to salute his god at dawn, but was torn to death by Thracian Maenads for not honoring his previous patron, Dionysus.

The Mythic Question is: What’s the first thing that will come to your mind when you think of Orpheus? or Michael Jackson?

Now let’s watch some Trailers of Orpheus Movies and see how the symbols match up… Can we find Francium?

Salman Rushdie used the Orpheus and Eurydice narrative as a mythic underpinning to the magical realist novel “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” (see also the song of the same name recorded by U2 with lyrics provided by Rushdie).

Ah, Salman Rushdie, just the right guy to shit over everything. Dude, you are smart as fuck and all, but i would never want to meet you [now that you’re not with Padme Lakshmi (her lifestory of being raped #minority and her fatherly choice of you as her husband is better than the drama in Midnight’s Children) ]. Your archetypes are down in the Gutter. You must serve the Dark Lords; how else does a guy a like you end up with a gal like Padme‘(ding)’

I don’t agree with the Fatwa; they should have just mirrored the Truth of his being instead. Truth is the Best poison, not Hemlock, Sherlock.

Spinach Break… after this we will scour the ethereal plains for Orpheus Film Trailers with a Fusion Song that fits (buffer tooo big for you gnomes? you must be google waving in realtime for that kind of lag?)

Yea, the lucky Tower and TechBoy Minions get the Stypi real-time Post View…. the Muggles get the post-Update view.. Oh wait, I’m talking about a probability cloud here. After all, I can look at Network Traffic on a Rooted Machine with 100% certainty (I was paid to think in this way)

If you can’tappreciate Korn’s Here to Stay, consider yourselves musically crippled because of your inability to internaliZZZe with all aspects of the One. The same applies to Classical Music. That said, until you raise yourselves from the Meatwad thresholds level, stick to things you can resonate with.

Let’s Do It Again!

[Verse 1]
This time, I’m taking it away
I’ve got a problem
With me getting in the way
Not by design
So I take my face
And bash it into a mirror
I won’t have to see the pain
Pain, pain!

This state is elevating
As the hurt turns into hating
Anticipating all the fucked up feelings again!

The hurt inside is fading (aah-aah-aah)
This shit’s gone way too far
All this time, I’ve been waiting
Oh, I cannot grieve anymore
For what’s inside awaking (aah-aah-aah)
I’m not, I’m not a whore
You’ve taken everything and (aah-aah-aah)
Oh, I cannot give any more

[Verse 2]
My mind’s done with this, okay?
I’ve got a question
Can I throw it all away?
Take back what’s mine
So I take my time
Guiding the blade down the line
Each cut closer to the vein
Vein, vein

Thank you, the hyperlink in the lyrics allows me to save space

Orpheus would dig this song considering the narrative We remember him by, Like Chester.

[It’s strange that it is the same group of people who cast the BepedoSpell, that casts the FeelYourMiseryAndKillYourself Ritual to Neuter Venus] (If we stick to understanding the Principalities, and not be swayed by their Sea Nymphs and Incubii, we will be able to make better sense of things)

The myth of Orpheus was also retold in The Sandman comic books by Neil Gaiman,

How about we cover this? Y/N Yes! Which volume and page of the OmniBusesesssss?

Let us first look at

Subtitles … in settings choose auto-translate to your comfy language

At 1:03:28, let us watch the Secret Meeting.

wow… we need to watch this with proper subtitles; okay time for the Black Orpheus Trailer:

dayum… this looks good too.. Portuguese: inexplicable mysteries?
Finding Sandman’s Orpheus section; let’s ignore American Gods and Judge Gaiman by this piece ( i never got past page 30…sorry) ( you know Inception: It’s easy to incept that idea in a single layer dream, or without a dream… if the best in the field of vampiric dream manipulation cannot possess a person for a week, meh. Also, Caprio could have healed his wife with another inception without limbo time… who are you really trying to impress, Mr. Nolan?). Great work of Art and Public sort-Of-Disclosure though.


Nice, Gaiman. Let’s take a look at the actual thing (you went pretty low with American Gods, so the Bards’ Guild would like to do an inspection):

worddepress, your app versioning crashes! How about I recompense the hosting space and platform costs by offering you Bugs, lots and lots of Bugs… no? oh, you dig the content. Your Welkomme[<——Inches——-]I Know..

Browser unable to deal with the Memory Load… Ah, but 99999999999999999999999999999*999999999999999999999999*1 != (Float) in 64-bit?

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