The Spiritual Awards [Triple-Millennia Edition]

The Red Curtain Opens::


Good Morning All! This is your Host Stevie Wunderkid from all your favourite shows like Black Panthur and Jesus A.D. I feel extremely privileged to present this Age’s Spiritual awards. Unlike the past few millennia, our focus this time will not be based on Shine or Resources. We have a new mechanism to measure Spiritual Quality.

Thundering Applause from the Audience.

This year’s Races/People who we know are Spiritually superior will be honoured. Unfortunately Humanity did not make the cut.

Mrs. Peeley: “Big Surprise there”

The Theosophical Society walks out [The New York Debate]

It’s official: Dogs are superior to Humanity. Let me repeat: Canis Familiaris is better than the Homo Sapien. The Tower nods very enthusiastically. The Shed now considers ‘Poda Patti’ to be an Auspicious Mantra.

Seriously: I Swear upon all the Good things in Life, Dogs are Spiritually Superior to Humans, collectively. Plants and Insects already won the awards the last time.

Tonight we Watch: assuming the Seed-gods are kind. (We’re watching this to Adore the Maximus Dogulus, as a Devotee, not a Pirate).

[Real Card]

[Humanity also almost got the Delete Card] (How do you live with that? Vanity, fellow Hoomans)

[I have never seen the Tower this excited… they may get a seizure or something!]

I’ve always wanted to host an award ceremony like this 🙂

Ask Pokherized how the Dog cared more about Kujli than his own People (1 0f Many Narrative)

The Librarian’s Dogs who chill in the Sunlight like they already have a Magic Stone (1 of Many Experiential-Reality-MaximumEcstasy Build Mode

The Pranic Energy of Dogs when they interact, mostly in Peace, with the (maybe one of the) Vilest species on Earth

You think they give a shit about your Golden Places of Worship a Mile High? This isn’t Age of Mythology: Egyptian Civilisation Edition. We all know it deep down inside; if that’s not true something is seriously wrong with your Sanity.

Let the Cultural Gala Begin. A Superband dedicated to Our Super Master Species Mutts begins their performance:

Now to accept the award is our Canis Familiaris Ambassador Rufus ‘Double-Boner’ WildPack-Breed:

Rufus: Woof wooooof woooof wff gree

[Using PetPal Default Divinity Ability]

Rufus: “Woof”, as our ancients once howled…

Since communication is going to be very difficult between lifeforms who all have their own individual reality, the Committee of Inter-Species Ecstatic Affairs has decided to encode the speech into Music. Even with PetPal, things may not make much sense. We know they ‘Howwwwwwwwwwwwww’ back in the day; the Dog Species are under the mythic impression that they are descendants of the Aldamari Galaxy. They came in spaceships during the Pre-Bazzulogenic-Era in the ButtsAreGross Era. Even though they evolved in leaps after discovering the Business-Card and Networking potential of their Productions, they retained their tradition of being hyper-cooperative-aliens in a Jungle filled with nasty Thunderstorms and MilkMenWantingMoreThanLactose.

This marks the End of the Great Race to the Golden Home. We will all merrily jostle towards the Promised Land with Dogs leading us.

At 2:47, Rufus interrupts the Music.



It seems like the Hoomans have done it again. We have a Mole in the translation working-group.

Rufus picks the song with his Magic Eye:

Lyrics are synced with their message, Rufus adds.

What do you know? James Hetfield? has a son named Sanchez…

We begin our first InterSpecies Movie with Super Dog Star Sirius-CuteyPie and that guy from Woody Allen’s Paris Infatuation flick and the girl from Horrible Bosses.

First, a Commercial… If someone buys this Tuna… Send a Dollar to

Arrigatoo gaosaymez…. Enrriigh Tuna Yumm Tum Konichiwa! This is not Racist Commercial… Luke Skywalker Japanese!

Okay… Buy Chi chiking if you liked that Prophetic Ad… they did a better job than George Lucas.

Movie Begins. [The Dog Shrine in Japan, bitch]

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