Costa Rica {Addendum}

Ignore the sexual receptivity part. Is there a Kamasutra position with… I guess it’s possible.. legs spread eagle is more of that kind of receptivity

Now this is sexual ‘Egressivity’

No mention of the sexual cockarooooo

The Best Part of Outlaws soundtrack is at the End… 57:47 and off to Windhelm WhiteRun to discuss Dragon Rights and Mage Live Experimentation Ethics.

The Jarl of WhiteRun and his Shield-Maiden Lydia appear on stage:

Jarl: Hey, Lydia… want to hear a Joke?

Lydia: I am sworn to carry your burdens

Fountain… The Patapons pray to the Tech Gods (that almighty with seed and peer count loading screen)

Wish I had Blurayed it back when I was earning simoleons.

The Fountain is the Orpheus Film that was never made… Hugh Jackman as Orpheus and that lady from Mummy Returns as Euridyce ArachniaGal.

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