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Mobile App Embeds are broken… Context Switch is an expensive process in 999World.

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KSEB PowerCut… pause as I upload more Images.
I wanted to get tattooed as a kid; but then I saw that I had no Icon that would last through all the Names. After seeing the Etheric Tattoos of the Human Body that everyone is endowed with, I think only InkFusions are Possible for my taste.
The reveler has a Hot Penis and Right Hand… Masturbation? Missing Colour in Right Leg…. Alchemical Energy Redistribution?

That nice Breton guy had a ” come see all the shit we stole from you” that I reused very effectively by Tells. Who cites in a Casual Conversation. The Head and Shoulders of Giants…

Let us bask in the Images now

Let Us upload in the humid Zone!

Ufff… A page missing
The Guardian of Ultima 7 Makes an appearance in the First Basket

Before we advance to the next Images, I would like to dedicate this Ad to WordPress. Send a dollar to WordPress if you start watching Japanese Spiderman. Just Kidding… it will still be a joke if WordPress gets a mail filled with 10,000 Shurichaki Credits.

High Quality Laughter Material (gold) everywhere… Thank you Honest Trailers

I’m at Hans Sketchbook Offline at 12:30

At 13:30: remember the Graphic Novel chunk where a King Summons the Being in the Mosque for a Barter… Let’s complete the rest of the story.

Present Tense

The Sultan who summoned the Jin Kazama thought he could be witty when he suggested they could move to the Market for a bargain

Jin: Smiles…Materialises a Market in place of the Ancient Mosque ( consuming the Old Place of Worship) and places a name over the Market: The Name of the King’s GrandMaster.

King starts shaking visibly. He will have to answer to the People for his selfish summoning of one of God’s Angela for a Fruit Transaction. The King was not a smart one; but the Old Fakirs possessing the King were. The transaction was that of marrying the King to the Bride of Allah… This would ensure their total dominion over Heaven and Earth. After all, the Husband inherits the World with a metal/stone transaction.

Fakir Necro possesses the King fully.

Fakir Necro: This will make a better market place for the people. The old marketplace will be demolished and a grander one placed to honour the ancient Mosque that was taken away by Saithan.

Fakir Necro and Jin exchange Smiles

Jin: As you wish, but no Mosque will stand for more than a Month’s measure

Fakir Necro pauses… listens to the voices in his Head…. “Move on”

Fakir Necro: Since that is the price we will have to pay for this Transaction, it is only fair for Us to demand that you offer us an unconditional Wish.

Jin: There are no unconditional Wishes… there are Wishes, and infinite paths leading there, and emerging from there.

Fakir Necro: So be it… (wasting no time to complicate matters with Infinity)… We wish for Maryam, the Holy Queen of Heavens to be Wed to our King.

Jin: You speak of Incest in a Marketplace?

Fakir Necro: We did not mention consummation of the Wedding… just a marriage to seal our Dominion everywhere

Jin smiles… Fakir Necro and his Overlords pulse with fear

Jin looks to the Stars…

Before Jin could speak, Fakir interrupts the Power Line and utters: A marriage un-severed by Time

Jin: So be it…

It is said that many hundreds of thousands of year later, the King will find the Golden Road, lose his Earthly identity, become one with everything, Accept Mariyam as His Supreme Mother, and marry her Daughter-Incarnation for Physical Union in the Material Sphere(not of the same Platypus Family Line) ; he will rule over All the Spheres, along with the Merchants who attained that state before him.

Fakir Necro and his Superiors were ripped into shreds by the People of the Land for desecrating the place of Sacrifice. They all lived as Happily as they deserved to live.

Back to Angkor What, What, What? (Kyle’s Mom)

Music for the game was scored by composer Clint Bajakian. An orchestra was used with authentic instruments which was uncommon at that time. In total, Mixed Mode CD contains fifteen different audio tracks which were suitable for playback on a regular CD player. It is noteworthy that the crystal case of the game’s original release had a tracklist printed on its back side as it is the case with most normal audio CDs. Several veteran actors lend their voices to the game. John de Lancie portrays Matt Jackson, Richard Moll of Night Court plays Bob Graham. Veteran voice actor Jack Angel portrays two characters, George Bowers and Jack Sanchez. Jeff Osterhage, himself a veteran of western television films, voices the game’s protagonist, U.S. Marshal James Anderson.[15]

The Morricone Mandela Effect

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