Dream Updates

[Yo James Dolpho! What’s this I hear about fake expense reports? Employee Success pulled out a dirty trick from the Hooman-Resources-BlackBook?]

The Salesforce… send Joe with hot sauce and a static-analysis tool (commission) deal simulation. Investigate the Gifts of Fortify’s useless scanner.

Security Nerds and their Side-Businesses

Is Astha S(you know the last name) in league with the Vampiric Order? Investigate

Who stole Gaia’s Hash?

Send Achtum a Lighter every Day Project. Help rebuild Moscow

Because The Fountain was filled with such ‘mmmmmyah!’Gold!, let us indulge ourselves with a lighthearted movie filled with content that still make grown Americans dress up as the characters (not me) enacting the movie as they watch-perform_ritual. Not Star Wars Prequel (you know the video I’m talking about)

What happened to Tucker?

Watch Princess Bride… Tucker’s Outer Archetype

Ignore the Leprechaun who failed to Hi-5 Fist Bump( or whatever that was)Pappadam Pie

Let us Enter the Zone.. I am a Nerd, in case you didn’t notice

Did anyone play Game of Thrones the Board Game? Good huh?

Did you play the custom Drinking Game Mod? Ask Travis. The case of the Missing Badge (Wave I)

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