[Later Next Week] At the Orchid Club for Gentlemen and Female Mosquitos Meeting

GrandMaster Peeley gets on stage. He gained more than few pounds from Last week’s Sanctuary visit. Donatello had to reinstall his Operating System to Arm64UbuntoorPavanyi. The Duck was responsible for more than a dozen thunderstorms in the continents of Mu, Papa New Guinea, and Britannia (Fellowship Midi Music, please); he is wanted by the International Weather Police on multiple counts of Cloud-seeding IPC-1989 Offense. The Preacher’s joint remains were piled on to the scape-goated Rainbow Unicorn-Duck… the usual… nothing new here, Sally.

Lord Peeley: [The group sing a familiar Rammstein Song… Und Keine Lusten] Cough, Cough… adjusts the microphone to create a loud Phat Bija Spell!

Lord Peeley: Ahem, Gentlemen… As your new Brother-In-Charge, I would like to start with a few changes..

[Crowd Murmurs] Where did Old Rolf disappear to?… Teleportation Spell? Mundane Talkaholic?… Preacher killed Old Rolf with a DeathBolt?

Lord Peeley adjust microphone again.

Lord Peeley: I would like to change the name of this fine organization to

The Orchid Wild Frontier for Men (and Female Mosquitoes)

The Men and the Mosquitos begin their Warrior Dance! Orchids and all…

Amidst the Crowd, a Boy appears… age of 5 or 6. It’s Rolf!

A New Song plays… The Drunken Rabble and Sweet-Roll throwing ends.

A figure, of the Preacher seems to whisper something to Rolf-Reborn

The Clouds seem to dance a nocturnal message of Sunrise. “Don’t show the Gods”, a concerned Female voice.

They Chant!

In the void of chaos life endures
In the gap of creation, the ancient wisdom breathes

Inheritance of fire
Inheritance of frost
Yet it lay there weeping
Afraid to see the light

Inheritance of fire
Inheritance of frost
No one comes to unveil
No one finds the key

Inheritance of fire
Inheritance of frost
Grasp the mighty chaos
Grasp the ancient birth

Seek deep within, feel the flames
Into the void, never to return
Seek deep within, fertilize
Into the void, rise…

Struggling against the fumes
Poisoning the hearts
Fighting the chains, to penetrate the clouds
Pulsating life in the ancient womb
Encapsulated in forces of old

Waiting to hear the call
To witness the cosmic marriage
Willing to blow; to blow the mocking clouds away

From the songlyrics.com scroll because Genius got a fright from the bite team

Lord Peeley had a hard time figuring out the lyrics correspondence to the scroll text. Surely, some ancient evil tongue must be at play.

“What Vanity!”…”Ignorant Voices invoking Demons in the Sky!”… “the gallbladder of that pariah!”

Lord Peeley adjusts his microphone very successfully.


Lord Peeley puts on some tunes… he is not about to give up the[ What Is it Called Again? ] The Orchid Adventures Guild for Gentlemen… oh and Lady Mosquitoes… to a Fur Creature who turned 13 from 30 just because he can LASER projects Clouds and Change their Shape and shit with some noos-Technology.

Lord Peeley declares out loud: “Behold yee… Child of Saturnus the Baby-Eater!”

Lord Peeley: We are … We are … The

Rolf seems to be holding an antenna up [“Ghuhhhh…yeOcculted Tecknological? Zzert PRR?” The Cat Master Race Psy Team Listens In].

Lord Peeley demands Water… “all that Singing the New Way is taking a toll on the Old Lord’s New Persona”, he thought about himself.

He musters all the mustard he can find and reclaims him composure.

Lord Peeley: Rolf, if you would be kind as to not enter out new Guild’s space, it would be most appropriate. We have to perform the Mosquito Mating Ritual.

Rolf nods and watches the fun.

The Male Mosquitoes (who learned of the spell) took places and changed their dietary plans.

Rolf lets out a loud roar of a laugh… watching the female mosquitoes merrily drinking blood from the offering pot. Their Seers are good… Their Technos Tigers are good… But Abort, Retry, Fail?

Lord Peeley tries to swat a One-Punch Mosquito Masquerade… slapping himself.

Lord Peeley: These are all superstitions! We are Adventurers of the Highest Order!

Rolf enters the Candle-lit perimeter

The Follow Up has the Solution to the Mystery Album in Citations [Best Song of the 1st]

Lord Peeley walks back a little

Lord Peeley: Keep your distance, Demon… your Red Aura is visible even from here

Rolf examines the Prana imbued on to his skin from the invisible on-lookers. “Ads. I have to install Ad-Block or the other alternatives… they keep downgrading the flow”.

Rolf notices the energy of the Pack…” invisible and visible onlookers”.

Quantum-Time-Pause [Quick Select]{Stop reading into it… I am only approximating the things that I’m imagining}

[Listen to the Music! That is]=

Rudolf somehow magically starts to turn Violet in Aura pulsing with the Maiden Voyage.

He looks at Nobody Peeley’s true face, behind the veils of Human Perception. Peeley looked like an animal… his Ego dissolving into his true Being.

Lord Peeley: Fuck You, you inbred Son of a Whore!

Words were unveiled too…

Some wheels turned with those words weaving Peeley’s destiny in future lives… an alchemical fix to correct his perception. Rolf didn’t move a finger.

Rolf joins his Mars and Saturn Fingers… and brings the entire Pantheon together in a Grasp… a Mudra of the Ancients.

[LittleFinger: Moon][Mars][Jupiter[GuruinTheMiddle][Venus the Pointer][Saturn the Grasper][Lotus the Sun][Mercury all Over]

Lord Peeley felt the lives of a hundred homeless pariahs in a second. He spoke no more… leaving abruptly never to be seen again.

Lady Peeley did not get a Goodbye… like that French Wife from the Movie The Sorcerer.

The Adventurer’s Club having lost their song never met again. Rolf stopped being just one person. Kakini is Timeless.

Lord Peeley wanders the Streets of Whiterun as a Homeless Wine Thief. Lady Peeley even offered the poor ‘beggar’ a coin not realizing her former-husband.

Nobody paid attention to the Dog… Rufus… he is dwelling into metaphysics as we speak. In every club, unbound.. like a Dog with no Master.

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