The Fraternity of Wise Men presents

This is a Men Only {Special} Presentation. Topics such as Brahmacarya will be explained in gory details. Let us invoke the Australian Aborigine ritual of turning all women interlopers into Men.
The day’s seed

The Grandmaster of the Fraternity gets up on stage.

The ritual of displaying One’s Orchid begins.

“First of all, let us address yesterday’s movie. Going to to purchase The Fountain… And Get Duked”

Jeff Bezos failed us again, Brothers; Although the i Get Parameter indicates dvd, it is actually a search for all formats. They don’t Blue Ray here much. It’s funny how Books are cheaper here, and movies are comparatively very expensive to Target’s MovieBin. 3 Dollars for the Zuckdawg Prophet Film with Music From Nine Inch Nailer.

I prefer offline movies.

Thank you Obama.

All Men… My Brother… scan the Perimeter for Liliths, Eves and that M-named third and final wife.

The 🌈 πŸ¦† πŸ¦„ scans the Perimeter for Feminine Energy… {FALSE NEGATIVESSSSSS: A Spell}

“All Clear!”

Brothers! Let us do the Orchid Dance! And then we shall peruse the ancient tome of phallic cogitation!

Donatello scans the UDP packets for Feminine Energy… “Affirmative… No ICMP Pings -t found” … Uber Hackermann of Wave 1: But Windows uses UDP, and Nix ICMP”, in an attempt to look useful.

Mosquitos hound the Men… The Women made it a point to breed Mosquitoes near the Male Sanctuary

“Brothers… Let us cast the Mosquito Repel Spell of Pokherized”

Orchids are clutched in a union of Man Gegen Mann.

Written by the Pater during a Mosquito Raid in Lakeside shrubbery patch

Mosquitoes don’t seem to care.

“Heat the Rod! Shake the Tulips! Raise Thy Spirits High, Jackman’s”. The Ol’ Wolverine Virility Spell.

Let’s move on. They win the Battle..

The Brothers get Serious on seeing the next page picked by Fortuna

Al Jazeera probably covered this before:

“Seraphims, sicoos”
Chaos is Confusion because of the limitations of our finite Intellect. In the Higher Realm, there is no Chaos or Pandemonium.
Non random pick to purify Fables…

The Fountain Ended like this:

Sigil is the topless guy from Singapore who asked me to lend this book during a πŸ„ trip
I place stray thoughts on pages to record my thought stream then… Helps in later Alchemical transmutations
Controversial, so Investigate this pick

Let us conclude our Ceremony with the Tome of Al Kamia. Next, Brother Roofus will share us excerpts from a big fat 2-HandedLVLUP book on Art.

Roofus appears on stage. He is at ease… Tail swaying in wave form…

Woof {PetPal} let us sink into this Bone for a Dog-Day

Brother Peeley: what is the name of this time, Elder Roofus?

Ruffruffy ruff raff

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