The Preacher Invades the Cult of Gentlemen

Ser Unicorn Duck sense a shift in the waves

“An Interloper… Male… with Female Vocals”

Everyone listens in… It’s the P…

The Preacher appears… a decrepit figure walking oddly…slouched to look at the path… appears before the Sanctuary.

The Preacher throws a Scroll towards Old Rudolf… He gives Kakini a nod of approval.

Brother Peeley: This is a wrong time for you to get lost

Brother Peeley readies his Pindar Julliardus and DawnBreaker.

The Preacher points to the scroll… “All is Lost… with that infernal spell of disharmonia”

Old Rolf opens the scrolls and starts to read out loud in his 109 Voice:

“Gossip as much as you want, Bards of the Ball-Flower… as long as your stories are rooted in the Truth and

Esukhia Pregnancy Test Gossip

Teacher Training Materials

is designed to elevate collective harmony”

The Preacher throws another scroll… the Interwebz Order cast another Symbolic Fuzz spell:

When females do fly into the swarm, however, males can identify them based on the frequency of their wing beats, which is lower than the males’ frequency. This frequency identification is also used in non-swarming mosquito species and mating pairs will even harmonize their wing frequencies before mating, changing not only the beating of their wings but also moving their thorax box around, Harrington said.

It’s unclear if fundamental wing frequency, which is related to body size, plays a role in mate choice, but experiments show that mosquitoes that are exposed to recordings of these “mating calls” choose to harmonize more with the wing frequencies of larger adults.

Chemical cues (pheromones) may also be important for mating, but researchers haven’t investigated this much, Harrington said.

Surprisingly, only a single mosquito species is known to actively engage in courtship rituals. In the South American species Sabethes cyaneus, males will wave specialized structures on their feet — which resemble fringe boots, Harrington said — to impress the female.

In other species, a male will instead zero in on a human host using carbon dioxide cues, where he waits — buzzing around in figure-eight patterns — to intercept a blood-sucking female seeking a meal (males only drink nectar).

Wasn’t there an equation related to wing-beat frequency… they play Patapon before the Cake

The Veiled Rabbit-Moon-Fox throws another scroll:

The scientists captured mosquitoes of both types and glued them to the ends of pins.

My Ants-Titanic and Cockroach Surgery Experiments in 2nd Grade… versus Our Sciencing

Preacher: Let me tell you something, Brothers [Donatello and Brother Peeley change their aggressive stance]… I was sleeping on a Bed of Nails one night… the Vampires manage to weak me up every now and then; and in that usual pattern I woke up slapping a mosquito to Death and feeling the taste of her Anger.

Old Rolf: What do you expect us to do? We have nothing to do except paste ourselves in Baby Cream smelling ointments when we come home to remind ourselves who we really are…

Brother Peeley: Men of the Orchid!

Old Rolf doesn’t mind interruptions… : refugees who seek to connect to our roots because we cannot be that which we are in the concrete jungle. Are we not at Home, anywhere? Do we not have the right to deflect at first those who wish to hound us and suck every bit of soul left in us? Maybe we can let a dozen mosquitos feast on our blood… or even an arrangement can be made where we will offer blood in a bowl for a more ecstatic feast for them. But will that be sufficient for their numbers… and their lack of respect for sacred space and sacred time, O Preacher who kills just as we do; what do we do?

Preacher: I love Sophia… as you know, my brothers and The All-Mother [The men are puzzled…Old Rolf seems the same slightly turning his head towards the right], I am not associated, that is bound, to any occult organizations. In Adyar, in order to peruse the old library of the Blavatsky Theosophists [Not the same as general Theosophy], I had to attend a class on their metaphysics. It turned out to be extremely useful to understand their non-Atman seeding of creation, their hierarchy of Animalia divinity and the Vegetarianism of the senior members. The same question was raised by a figure my memory cannot unveil as of now. The best response came from an old man [not Jain] who told us how killing can be done without malice.

Brother Peeley: Then we shall cast our spells without malice and wipe out all mosquitos; who will really miss them? The Butterflies? The Dungbat?

Preacher pauses for a second… “quite unusual of him to lose his form”, Old Rolf thought.

The Preacher lights on some rocket fuel… “Fortunately, my Brothers, and All-Mother as-you-know-it[puzzling looks], I do not have the curse of Omniscience”… “Excuse Me”, as the Preacher walks away.

The Men of Orchid decide to listen in on The Preacher’s Thought Stream.

It was an excuse to get High… That Junkie of a Preacher! He had known the answer all along [all Waves].

Preacher: Do you wish to bestow Death on the non-luxury necessity of a class of Beings descended from the All-Father and All-Mother? What if that were to applied to our case, Humans?

[Boooom] a new song

Old Rolf: Well Spoken, O Dragon (Worm in the Preacher’s Land: Book 2/3) Tongued One. Can we not barter blood with them for Sacred-Space and Sacred-Time?

Preacher: It can be done… but it is forbidden for those at our level to commune and transact with other forms of life. Do you wish for the Octopus to feast on your ‘necromance’makuti corpse?

Old Rolf: Let them eat Cake

Old Rolf and The Preacher exchange smiles.

Lord Peeley takes a sweetroll of off Donatello’s plate and starts eating with jollity.

Donatello is confused... Ping TTL==0...Core Took a Dump...

Rainbow-Unicorn starts swimming in circles trying to find the Tree

Rainbow-Unicorn starts swimming in circles trying to find the TreeRainbow-Unicorn starts swimming in circles trying to find the Tree

Rainbow-Unicorn starts swimming in circles trying to find the Tree

Only the Three remain… Lord Peeley’s Sweetroll never keeps depleting… Only Three


— Kernel Mode —


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