The Pilgrims Association for Competitive Keying present

It’s the Arts, brotha!

Behold: The Key!

Nations and Higher Order Social Aggregates scramble to build a Space Ship of the Imagination to reach the other realms, in Vain. Ignorance and Practicality fuse to become Futility. What of the Ducks? Where is there spaceship? You think the Gods are going to forsake the Ducks just because we screwed up? Fools with massive Budgets and Chromosome-48-Intellects of the highest order create Hi-Definition World Comedy.

This is the Pilgrims Association for Competitive Keying! Behold our Fortune!

Before that, let us examine a relic in Fashion and Prophecy!

Rolf: I’m not trying to show off my inner wear. Apparently I’m a homeless guy living off of squirrel nut burials.

Our first Fortuna poem is dedicated to the American Army

Pindari Julliardicuss was Born in this Union of Page and Man
[Non random pick] because here lay the secret of Brahmacarya

And here lay another secret

The Peruvian Photograph + The Stolen Phone + The Wave 1 Jesus and Mary White-Swan Image (better than the clue in Da Vinci’s Last Supper)

Let us internalize:

His Chang Song and his Bard Outfit
Their Makara Dream Simulations
This Marvel Comics entry

Some Ontology of Superiority

Internet’s Most Punchable Face on Earth

Source: Internet
Yes.. Okay

Source: Nerdopia

Real Name Policy, Wave 1
The Orchid Association for Kundra is a Wonderful Country Under the Control of Mandross
I’m trying to find that gamechanger painting from the Franciscan Abbey

Theosophical Society Mr.Perriera Simulation (Adyar)

The EU Tunnel Opening Ceremony

The Other Salesforce Rakshasa Simulation
The Hindu Hacker Simulation Featuring Grammatical Issues in Statement of Purpose
The guy to the Right went to Yale. Yale. Yale. Yale. Yale. They sold an E.P on soundcloud called The Advertisement Industry. Yale, Yale, Yale


The 4chan Invasion: It’s the Arts! #Sorry

Yale… one more time…. Yale!

This Turbo Simulation features multiple storylines of the Highest Order. Who the Fuck stole my American Eagle shirt? Wore it during Initiation… 😐
They’re probably wearing it now
Nice One, Pedro

Und Asshtronautica?
Another Prophetic Photograph… the Red Hat joined the Vampire Squad
Honest Abe the Zombie Slayer Ultera

This is One-Eye… he hates me
Here it… Photography was forbidden… I lost a phone, headphone and some other trivial things… Uploaded the Gold to *.* before… Instinct.
According to Blind Christians, the only non facial haired disciple is cuddling on Jesus’ chest… Sun and Moon, Yo! One bystander lady tried to deflect the question ‘Is that Mary’ to ‘Oh, Look at the Devil at the side… partaking in the Supper’

Oops… voyeur fail!
Thank you Peru… We’re Even with the Failed Exorcism

Phew! So I think the whole world can conclusively say, if one is not blind, that the Pater-Archetype in Human Form has a Mater-Archetype in Human Form; that the Male and Female aspects are Both Sacred. The Enemies of the Godhead Hide this Fact… so Know your Devils well, My BrosisoS.

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