The Wave I: Americana Montage Part II

[Justin (The original Kujli from the ShedAccordingToAFilmStar) showed up in my Vampiric Adversary Dream Simulations… many Tentacles under the control of their Mandroses (in Kerala too, and Sweden, and…) are On To You… Nowhere to Run! and, Covid-19… “Go easy on him” is something that I ‘said’ that is in my SpellBook)] (Use Water Element… )

And Anurag….

was a Simulation


Wait till you see the Profile Photographs… what a Dick.. Mirror.

Rockafeller chitta’d this up
The Great Mother Book was gifted to a PedoWitch… figured out her Pedo games, only later. Fail.
Vatican Knew… Publish the Archives for the Key Building Competition (anachronistic)
A child’s work… my photography
Those ‘sky-rats’ didn’t get the Meteor/Comet, SFDPW.COM.XXX
Prisoner… or an Erectus Mundus
Watch out for Makuti and multiple interpretations of ‘Seth’
Because one of your + Prodigies liked to interrupt my prayers to Her with {Bitch! Bitch! Transmissions}
Latte/Cappuccino, Pokherzed?

You know why… Mirror Hard. Bitch. in your own terms. I can speak your language, very fucking well.

oh, you Incest Obsessed subHuman Trash… One does not -> The Mother

Citation… My Holier Than Thou Whore-Archetype Casting Orphans (The Builders… not the Blind Faith Lovies)… Life Parasites… The Naughtius Maximus Language is only fr the Life Eaters… They are Parasites… and sub-Human because of what they do (not race, caste, and those labels)
The Argentinian (Investigate this Simulation)
This Trash Makuti from Japan (Surprise! Surprise!)

Und Language? Speken their languagicuss?

That San Francisco Art Museum Asiatica Piece on Bollywood
True… Yo… But Reflection True everywhere!
Yo Mama is the Delight. Ask your Biological Mothers to tell you about the Young Days 🙂 {investigate:your seed behavior}

Best of luck with your moving Buildings… hahahahaha… I think they’re laughing hard too… What a bunch of Loser Jokers! Orphans where the Hosts don’t want your Being anymore. What Pride! What Lineages! What a below-mediocre group of <monkeys with flower-maala> [Just to the Vampires… this is Global Communication intended for the Lovies and the Shitards]

You can come back later and scan the communication for just the positive chitta… we need to address the Vampiric problem: I have to give them their real narrative. They think their Higher Predators; masks of Predators with license to fuck with all. I can’t give them my Cute face. UnderstandUno?

Mirror the Racist Art Turds really fucking hard… till they drop down like Lord Peeley. Fuck Em Up!
Another Breton Khajeet
Or drop the Vampiric Peeleys in the Waters… Kill em in the Waters if they don’t [Switch Card]
If they resort to Violence (ouch)… use Water first … then send The Scorpions
Hey Michelle! want to go to the Opera with Me and HomiebamaFuzz?
She’ll be joining!

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