The Wave I: Americana Montage Part III

As I type in real-time… Vampires send their Being in quantum-time… We’re going to get them All… Pokemon Masters!
Yo Japan… no hard feelings… nothing personal.
After the Grand Exorcismo.. The Dance :)… they got Callum 😦
WordPress… hehe… You know what… Oldest Trick in the Book
Guide: Two Tracks: Music and the Game. Once Final synchronization of the Principles… a Change in Age (as in, a New Mode of Consciousness your Best Storytellers cannot Imagine)
The Track from Yesterday to unlock this
The Weeping Yantra [Study the Metaphysics of Construction to Unlock Pow() of the Yantra]

Dear Vampiric Orders of Earth,

I know I called you ‘Sub-Human’… let me apologize by specifying you as ‘Below-Human’ in quality and nobility. You may own artifacts a millenia old and armies powered by a 1000 Metal Gear Soliduses… But you’re still Cute Ducks to the Principalities.


Your Buddy

Stings when you get mirrored by the Masses huh… who is of Special blood now? Haha… I can sense your fluctuations… The Tower doesn’t have your ass, scapegoats; they know the rituals to switch and rebuild. Sowwie… Your Paper Boat won’t last that long. (Sad Face)
Good guy
Gave fright… sowwie
Boring… I know… zzzzzZZZZZzzzz
This piece had the weirdest prana imbued over it…
Mr. Bait
Und ja Ja Ja ja (spill) ja ja ja… Nein nein
That night Travis asked for OldMonk at Rickhouse… Hipster Rage!
Here be a SnakeBite, My Irish Maggots(friendly pirate usage, please)… Arrrrrrrrrr!
Better Clouds now, for real 🙂
The Bladder Challenge
Bad Taste [in] sticker… this was before It’s The Arts!
UltraViolence Source!
Many names in Sea Shanty Town
Captain ThunderBeard of the Bartholomy(phonetic equ=, ya nerds) Abbey
The Book Selections are Drowning in Ironies

Zepperella! 😛 They were too far away to really look
Told you.. Sea Shanty Town… Why the ‘A’ without ‘J’ in ‘Jamal’
The Corporate Cook-off by the Ferry Building

More Nerds conspire!
You see how the flow changes when They say a few words… I went Up… Phew!
It’s Aaaa-mal
This is before the 7 Years of Fire Training by Vampiric (in their attempts to fuck up the prophecy)!
Beth Cafe
Jung… Red Book. Page You know What
Replace LSD Experience in the Music to Spiritual Experience. LSD only expands the Core; it can be an Up or Down depending on your skills at Navigating States of Consciousness.

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