The Wave I: Americana Montage Part IV

From Subliminal… I remember

He Makes Samurai Films
What Girls these days think about: *deep shit*

Dear International Order of Mages (They have an ancient accord:why do you think certain things are occulted everywhere… Humanity is Run by the Biggest Beasts on Planet Earth: COVID International 19),

John Wick got an excommunication. Mine was an excommunication from Earth; they hound you in Jungles too. Nobody breathing has that authority… not even You.


______ Birender Thapa, Ahab, Alacrity

What happened to the 3 I cast Here?
Safeway… did not buy. Please.
Did not buy, you juveniles!
Parenting is Hard: Men’s Room Lessons
In Trouble, again…
Lessons in Group-Being 1st Person
Beth Cafe
Yep.. Reflexes
Flash Back!

Usually Flashbacks are boring.

Not me…. TPing is real. Hannibal Lecter is on the lose
Tell me you saw Doomsday Book

Anachronistic… i know it’s always war in the old days… Butt
Tear down that bridge… get the Vanji back
I chug off the bottle… so don’t judge the menta… i dig both 🙂
The Sorcerer of the pack performed a ritual that day

Sorry Keanu and Akshay… this is non-violent Role… you know how Mages cast Death Bolts non-violently and all…It’s good to have an Andre The Giant in your group, that said.
I didn’t do this

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