The Wave I: Americana Montage Part V

This is a Gold Book that I gifted
Not an S Class Thing. One Punch Man is Makuti too; The Organization runs the Heroes… Saitama eliminated a monster that spoke of Earth Being an Organism and the Need for Harmony[Fail:Season 1]
Guess who this depicts?
Didn’t do shit.. CC: Jesper
I’m not a big Leary fan… because he was a tool they used very effectively; but investigate the Bene Gesserit
What happened to Etheropia, Old Poet?
The Fake Soma drink in Rishikesh Rahul.Dravid-gets-the-Alien-Probe Simulation
Max Leyf recommended I skip this Gospel… or did he? Oh wait, that Facebook News Feed Update with the Bikini during the Book Blitz
They look like Serpents/Dragons in the Super Plane… (as a Human literally viewing the infinite in Metaphors)
Yantra Time!

Mouth of the Octopus that is an aspect of the Dragon
Just to be clear again: Jews are being used as Scapegoats. The real evil consists of the International Order of Evil Mages
Banned from Facebook for this too; the Pyramid Boy Chuckie B has some clout
I sunk that ship a long time ago
I didn’t graffiti this desk
Tonight we watch The Mask (phew)
Photography: me,me,me.. Creator unknown
Nice work by the kids
End of the Old World… Cough!
Reduce the Shine of Money… it’s necessary, but not ___
Jim Carrey’s Loki Mask in a bit

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