The Wave I: Americana Montage

[Reverse Image Search for Sources…]

No Content-Disposition supplied.? Wth WordPress… Jpeg extension, yo… add Server-Side logic to read extension (and content verify in hex, if you have to) and Upload Complete.

[WIP… let’s wait for WordPress to Fix their Bug]

[Firefox Test… Browsers can be very Corp-Centric, all the Time]

Okay,Chrome… Nice Try
Had a lot of Apples to build these Towers… One Goo didn’t work well with the Air

Native Americans knew about Evolution… 3 doses of Platypus
Mex… I Can
The Dream Came from the Tower… [They nod]
This dream came from Them… the Seraphim Spheres… Oops, I know.
Sorry Hillary for costing you that Title… 🙂

First Poisoner Builder Mask Reveal!
Sorry Japan… Jin’s Taken

If you want to make it a Shed Versus Shed War, at least get the narrative right. Bitch.

Let’s no go there… Are you fucking Silly? Yes, you are. The Tower enthusiastically Nods.

Ken’s just a Ryu Color-Swap… that’s taken too… hadoookin, muthafucka!

Fuck off, Zuckdawg
Tournament Is Over… Now we have the Arts!
Investigate the Aids Simulations
Ignore the Aleph simulation… shill, yo

The Hillary Witch-Mask unmask initiative… resulted in a lot of Pokes… Not Russia… Sorry Putin; Modi’s Response
How to defend against Vampiric Manipulation… How to defend against Hackers… The Basics in Wave 1
Nature! Same Nest… Sorry.. Let’s be Honest with each other… so your narratives are clearer. The counter-lies need a good fucking Mirror. dafuq are you, Nobody?
Forget this artist’s name… but Yantra-seek this!
Yo! it’s encoded in a multitude of symbols!
But some of us will Never understand…
This is a special image for the Dear Friends and (who gives a fuck about their Puppeteer-ed antagonism) Cholos.

Intermission (next post)

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