9Th, 9Th, 9,9,9 [Montage Americana Pidiyaana]

The Full Album

Source: Internet The Guy to the Right 🙂

Great Patent
Rocket Builder Starts [Intro to YoHansson]
The Mock Live Diner Entry 🙂 + Visit to the Museum and Red Chilies ride with the One-Eyed
A.Ferox is Crazy… don’t do it… Alchemical Books tell you to literally drink Mercury. Don’t be Silly. [Ayahuasca can get you there without the risk if you have the LVLUP to Navigate… LSD too… and many other things like Sleep! and Hour-Long-MeditationSessionsWithShamanicAttacksByTheOctopus]
Daniel is an Eye… who gets matched with your Uber ride… He talked about the Monetary System being the Lifeblood of Humanity. He was unemployed (retired, by design)
Better than the Cartoon Versions, right?
This is Makuti.. the Mages Side may fake being Dragons and Serpents in your Journey… examine Chitta (they can only elevate the soul to certain heights)

If you do meet a Being scary, Mirror first… else, it’ll be another Fakir Necro storyline.

Translate Please
Change ‘Seth’ to ‘Life Eater’
Not Elias

That was just pure Johan Johannsson Gold. [Tower last year…]

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