The Adventurers Guild for Skyrim:Apparel present

Chub Chop! This is Brigadier Teddies with the Resilient-Utilitarian Outfits department. While we have a strict rule against labels like Sudra, Brahmin and Pleb ( because, we are all equal in adventuring, God dammit!), We would like to review the brand FjallRaven for its adventuring merits.

At first, we would like to present you a Vagina

Not bad for a Girl 8 years or so on the run.. good deal

Now we have another 7/8 year old Baby Elephant Skin. Tibet, Kalinchowk Jungle Initiation, Rishikesh post-DravidVSDelhiTypes slide down the moutain with just your ass and elephant skin… And other memorable adventures. Still fully functional too. I give the Swedish Royalty my thumbs up.

I hear fans talk about no rips in their gear, but have they tried living alone and getting lost in the Himalayan wilds sliding off mountains and climbing up dung?

The next one might be 7 years old. Being the most expensive of the bunch, it was considered Priestly Class Label. Unfortunately it was equipped only during one trip…kalinchowk-ladakhFrostBiteSegment:

Is that Australia?

Now for an Action Shot!

Although my tummy seems to be a little big here, I am in no ways affiliated with the Indian Uncle Army.

“Tis an optical illusion, Sire… Your tummy”, a sycophantic wormtongue voice

“Shut up Mutley! I am still dwelling over yesterday’s compensatory dreams to mask the Disasterpiece before. Delhi trying to cover up the PR damage caused by the Pond’s best Freuds with some high definition low-bar dream content. It’s the same crap over and over again. Some lies about friends Und family…then an assailment by trolls who only gain balls in dreamtime… Fucking upper-class twats with lower-class acts!”

“Write that line down, Mutley… It’s a rap we can all unpack…;)”

Members of the Central Government who took part in yesterday’s simulation and Evil Life Stealers who have a template look (Priests of Pashupatinath… you know that template) are Banned/Unwelcome in these waves. They will be considered Pirates if they continue to do this drive-by Pooing. To the Upper Class Twats: The Tower is going to make sure your ‘Proud to be A Pyaas” family line ends up doing scavenger work in some ruins in another continent. No Shit. Zeus doesn’t have to literally send a Lightning-Bolt to fry your tallest WhoTheFuck Statue in the World; Demolish that piece of shit statue that is an insult to <Common Sense>. Blow it sky high with Turd. Wtf? Some ancient King who united Punjab and Madras, not VallaPhai Buttél. While I look for it:

A Special Message to Some of the Life Eaters who plague the Indian Army: Yo muthafucking Dogs to the Higher Life Eaters! How’s your Head? How are your thoughts. If you want a correct estimate of where your mind is at : Compare your narrative for me 3 years ago, 4 years ago…10 years agoWho? and now. Pretty down the Dung Chain, huh? Stop pretending to be a Kshatriya, Army Mutts! You are just puppets who work for Thugs. Nothing MORE. The other Army Warriors who are out for glory and things like that: Have a SnakeBite (Irish Drink). You deserve it. Chor sab Vanji Mein Hum aapke Hai kaun? :: Ditch this Vanity Mustard Race Project. Kings are just Puppets. What the Fuck? Improve the Cowshed Education System, Build Porta-Parties etc.

Time for Fortuna… the Dreams force me into putting some Local content… you’ve seen the Wave 1 domination of terms like Piracy etc.

Also make Kolkata the Capital… Even Linux knows. Delhi is a Hellhole.
Yo Central and Life Parastite Priests: Get the fuck out, Unwelcome Guests…. it’s a Blacklist… with a Whitelist for All Life -Lovers
When your focus is in the Trash Area high above, where do you actually stand… all those shiny things and ancestry can disappear in a flash. We have a remarkable ability to forget the Pyaas ( New York does not Forget: If I know them well, they got them there) from the Pindaris and the Bhandaris from the Kundanaddis. So be it. The Tower Nods.

They know our Ancients better: Truth

I’m going to the finish the Montage where Opeth’s Insanely Heaven-and-Underworld-Shaking Drumming, Senor Martin Lopez weaved into the Sands of Time.

[Tonight we will overload our symbols with] Spirited Away! Can you guess the Name of the Lake?

Let us start being Spirited Away to a Land of Magic

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