The Eightharhar Poeshelmo to Americana

Food [Loading…] Linux Internet-Music Loading…MacOK:Ubuntu…I know those dessert pictures made you Hungry… but Music man… while we eat

[Ed-Harrison – Tin Soldiers~~~~]

Investigate the U.F.O Simulations to muddle reality of Targets… U.F.O.s are baby technology now.
Okay, they may have cast Game of Thrones after some subconscious inspiration
Random Street… mmkay…
The dude at the bottom left is a Sham-Shaman exploiting natives.. especially their women
Investigate… no idea
Shiiiiiiiiiit…. True, Vampires? [Investigate with Vampiric Attacks] (Let them eat Etheric Cake) (Soul Gem or Turd Big Enough? CC:RandyMarsh;Bono
We Failed.
Thank you Facebook Stickers and Hillary Social Network Art Drones
Hmmmm… Investigate

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