The Wave I: Americana Montage Part VI

Head and Shoulders of Giants… The Equilateral Triangle as a Foundation (Pyramids are inevitable unless everyone stops Racing: Age Shift)
To be Fair: I felt the Most Fair (not Fear) in America before the Ascension and Fall-Rise. Yes: America is the least Racist place for a Normal Person going with the Flow. Beats Dubai… Beats IndiaCasteColourYadayada Mainstream.
And their Best Public Libraries are Open to all for Free.
The Top left Book used to be a piece of furniture… I need to review it again.
Still very hard to read… I hear the German version is Much more Succinct/Elegant
New York Central Square Parkken Obelisk
Yes, Ma’am
Omniscience test Fail… Honeypot Poo Trap Failed Big Time (Yo add me on Facebook!)
No idea.. they nod Yes… Investigate
Was Krishna really Crucified? Maybe… Investigate… He did get on top of a Tree once or twice; invasive voyeuring too
Except in Malyalam where Sadhanam is used for ‘Asshole/holini’
It’s not Phallic… Linga is placed in the Yoni as a Union of Metaphysics and the Divine Act of Creating New Life.
Socially Acceptable Behavior (as in no consequences)
So this resulted in some funny encounters… Good thing the Pyramid top knew my ‘dance-form’ back then.. The Post talked about the Murder of the Chief Justice (Pillow over Head); some trolls fuzzed it to an Assassination plot and pulled the Choo-choo-train
Jesus being a Jew… don’t forget

The Irony that most most Anti-Semitic Christians seem to forget: Their Savior is Jewish. You see why we are funny to the Ducks and Frogs?

You remember that day?
Update: It’s not just the Linux UTCers who dig Calcutta/Kolkatta as the New Capital… Fresh Start, right? let’s get rid of the Life Eater Hierarchy in a sweep… if they can Satyajit Ray, they probably know how to clean in-house better than Delhi (Colonial Links++)
Did not age well … for 9 years
Told you so… Craig said so first… Investigate how the Octopus got to him on Facebook…
Presented by You-know-Who
At 1:42:30, the best part of the Mix begins
Not all Schools subscribe to the Anatman Principle (A-priori issue of who wakes up Consciousness from the Void)
At 1:50:15… the pace builds up … damn…. this is good soundtrack
bungshot… at 1:52:20…. Offf…. so good
Back to 1:49:00
The Indian Exhibit at SF Asian Fart Museum
Source: Internet (Reverse-Image Search for Citations)
Upon Butterfly Hill
HiDef please
Stranger… Okay.. Not Pulp Fiction.

This is the Best Part of The Watchmen… The Night Owl’s Totemic explanation
Random House
Source: Internet Run By Cats

Come to Daddy… Here’s Johnny!

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