Olive Oil Ends… The Ascetic Phase

Happy Coronation Virus to you all Happy Ascension to You all… The Gang is undergoing training under strict conditions. Daily Fortunes will be uploaded in this post.

Today’s Daffy Ducken Self-Study Material: Patterns in Comparative Religion By Mircea Eliade [Pages 1-38] (You thought things just flow out without constant study and re-study) + DualCast (Discover New Music)

Get workin’ shplunkenshteins. For Unemployed Seekers (ARRR CARD.edu) and Dung Virus Shipping-Troubles Afflicted Shoppers

First, a solemn prayer to Doctor Eliade.

That was good, huh? I received a Psychic attack (ongoing) and experienced a KSEB PowerCut during the reading. Let me elaborate on what the Unicorn Fuck meant by ‘ Happy Coronation Virus Day’; the fuck being new to Global Communication does not understand that not everyone can connect the dots even when the dots are connected and presented in front of them. Covid-19 is a simulation designed to do many things, one of them being the reduction of Consciousness-ecstasy during the Age transitional period. Numerous movies, books etc. that refer to this have been discussed before (Korean film doomsday book, for instance). You can make Christ look like AntiChrist if you pull off a plague before you undisclose his coming. Smart, huh?

So we learned today how the sacred evokes a dual response. Covid-19/Fungi133 represent one side… The spit represents the Other.

The Duck had been fired. Because of the Great Olive Oil Shortage, the Team will be taking a long break.

Let us watch the Dead Poet’s Society and imagine the things they did to Robin Williams.

The Next Morning… Day 2 of Olive Oil Shortage

It’s the Arts, Brotha

“My dear Golden Lotuses… In today’s Fortune, let us look into the character Loki in the same way we looked at Orpheus. Gods are archetypal beings whose collective goal is to elevate consciousness. With that in mind, explain in your own words what LokaBrenna means”

We will proceed to reading the second chapter of Patterns… Followed by a discussion of the first two chapters. As you may have noticed, reading is an exercise in Magic. I noticed that some of you went ahead to chapter 2 leaving a hot pranic imprint. The Life Eaters and their Priests don’t want you to understand our nature of reality. They will do whatever it takes to discredit Eliade’s work. As a Magical exercise, visualize Mr. Eliade’s words and pour in Water so the that the Book becomes another fountain. If you’re feeling Heroic, do an /r/ELIF version (explain like I’m Five)… Every Hierophany is a Kratophany, right? After all, anything that evokes our attention is imbued with Power.

[Americana Quest: Investigate the Approved Black Mages of Christianity : https://www.facebook.com/max.leyf : Max Leyf and his Network of Mages have no qualms in using Magic against uninitiated targets… they interrupt solemn prayers with their games, cast memory loss spells, all with the License of the Church. Investigate the Alaskan Roots and the CIIS connections.]. Max Leyf knew a Sikh Gentleman (who accosted me in Men’s Room next to the Conservatory of Flowers who gave me subliminal gun threat… when that didn’t work he walked away, said something to Max Leyf (Read: “he’s all yours”)… that’s how I met Max who claimed from the Alaskan Elite Shamanic Training Center [Control:Game]. When Max failed, his Masters started their game. When they Failed… F.Forward. Here We Are, Memoria. The Sikh gentleman said something about Sadhguru; investigate his Indian Network.

They all at Davos!
This is Makuti, Max

Let me make it clear… if you’re a Vampire, I’m going to take your mask off. The Good People get to keep their masks for their own sake, until we’ve made things open for all. It is because of the Vampires and their Megalomania that Magic is underground; the Inquisitions, the Salem Witch Trials, and so on…

Max Leyf interrupted my prayers to the Mother Goddess (Mary) with “Bitch bitch bitch”… Cute, ei? Don’t let the superficial shine fool you.

Finallly! I’ve exorcised Ubuntu off the CommsModule, and made a deal with the Russians (Raspbian).

Time to read Chapter 2:

za Sky Goats Source:Internet


Our Parents who art in Heaven and Underworld…

In the past, we may have used the limited notion of the Godhead being literally ‘up high’. Initiates should know that the Godhead is everywhere. Everything is a source of inexhaustible hierophany with the right perception, Just as Images move in the sky, they also reveal themselves in binary format down Techboy’s cthonian circuit-abyss
Extra: Druk-yul and Bhot-Ant [Nakhi and the Drugpa]
It is strangely common idea that God is neither bad or good… and amoral Being practicing Chaos ‘Magick’… if that were true, how would one explain the Beauty of Nature and the Music that we a ll seek that raise our spirits ‘high-up’.

faineant (adj.)

1855; earlier as a noun (1610s); from French fainéant (16c.) “do-nothing,” from fait, third person singular of faire “to do” (from Latin facere “to make, do,” from PIE root *dhe- “to set, put”) + néant “nothing” (compare dolce far niente). According to OED this is a French folk-etymology alteration of Old French faignant (14c.), present participle of faindre “to feign” (see feign). Applied in French to the late Merovingian kings, puppets in the hands of the palace mayors. Related: Faineance “the habit of doing nothing.

The creation of a Wife being by The Creator (the creation being his daughter) is rabbit hole of metaphysical inconsistencies. In many metaphysical models, the Supreme Being emanates into two polarities (The Husband and Wife who are non-biological Siblings). Study the downfall of Prajapati and many other Father Gods who were downgraded in the Pantheon because of their supposed ‘incest’
Forgetfulness is a normal thing… True worship is in Being, and when one forgets that,because one does not listen, it results in alchemical adjustments so that those who are still in a state of harmonic-being aren’t decimated by [Cacophony]
Compare Pushan and Savitur with these ideas.. Everything can be Deified if one can rationalize a Heirophany in the phenomena. It isn’t Nature Worship… All worship is Nature Worship, where the Natural is directly or indirectly referenced with symbols. Jesus is the Sun if you trace the Cyclical Nature of his Biorth and Crucifiction/Vernal Equinox. Buddha or Vishnu (According to Kak) is Philosophical Mercury

Eliade is a Gold generating Scholar because he is both a Practitioner and a Nerd (Bookworm). Theory and Practice, my word-crunching Robots of Citation Counts. It was so strange meeting young Religious scholars in Dharamshala who had never read an Eliade book. Curriculum these days…


Aur Music Mine(Pandora:VPN2USandA)[Not a Paper Bag that produces Bunnies and Musical Gold){

garden children – Rhian Sheehan

In the waiting line – Zero 7 – Simple ThingsLove and Hate – Michael Kiwanuka

so young – portugal, the man

Kaleo – Way down we go


Perhaps, only the priest may wear Blue and white [ In Bhutan now, only Three Men can wear the Golden Scarf] (khata?). The magical act of Investing Divine Power from Myths to Humans is a common practice. If the focus turns from a person, a caste of Priests, a location to the Hierophany of All, King Solomons and Queen LunaMammas will be born in every Soul; this is practice is hard and a gradual process of waking up to the Light in face of the Upward Pointing Pyramid of Agree-able Being
In the past when our supreme sense of understanding was limited to Light, ‘Spheres’ of stars and constellations dominated the All-Being as the nature of the Ever-Never-Boundary. Now we have Quantum Entanglement and a Mono-Plane where Information can be empirically (assuming you can trust the Physicists) transmitted instantaneously irrespective of Space or Form. We may never return to Plato or the Others, but we stand on their Heads and Shoulders.
It is evident that The Semang, like the others, have only an incomplete face of God, perhaps lost to Time and Being.The Supreme Being is Active when we’re active… and passive when we’re ___ Who are we really? Where is the separation between Hooman and God. If Human energy centers that are whirling(Chakras: Palm Center) and non-Whirling (The Ring Disks around the hand that correspond to ornaments of Boddhisattvas and Hindu Gods/Sages) can be felt, microcosmic Thunderstorms and Floods that affect the Singular-Being can be felt in Universal terms. Most exoteric Deity Yogas are limited to Visualizations and Self-Hypnosis when the goal is to be experientially The Deity in the closest approximation possible; until of course, the real Deity, within and without, completely synchronizes with the practitioner.
On to the topic of Tapas: Let’s say you want to contact a Divinity with a True Heart. You start Fasting without Food and Water indefinitely (dangerous, yes). You build up Energy (the denial force and the need force blending with your noble narrative to create large waves of Being) and other beings start to notice. They try to sway you from the tapas, like in the old stories. At a certain point, perhaps after the 2nd day, you experience an awakening of Life within you. Do you stop? I would, maybe. If you are short of rocket fuel supplies, this is an excelent way to maintain altitude. If you’re into tangible experiences, why don’t you try painting (without intent) in that heightened state after a niblle, of course. The state doesn’t disappear when you touch food or something; you need energy to perform actions. Some claim to eat smoke (prana)… but the Tower did some research and found only Soot.. The Kalachakra Tome (Ornament of stainless Light) claims that Enlightened beings do not have to eat or poop(even if they eat for social or fun). There are no Enlightened Humans here, as of now; I guess we’ll just have to wait.
They lost their Map… their Cosmogony… their perception to understand how mundane things are connected to the sky; Like Us! [Like](Thumbs Up) [Share]( is Caring with Mining) [Subscribe](Look at my Long Tail!)
The Dead do watch over us and intervene in our affairs; they see a larger landscape, but that does not mean that they are even remotely close to divine perception.

They’re all afraid of Storms, dependent on Rains, Likes , McDonalds: Who wants to Deify Popeyes (The Food Chain)? Better than KFC, Ali-G.

We have Savitur… We need to find something that evokes our palatal-Sense-Gods: Popeye’s Chicken (Spicy Und Crunchy)

Om Grim Zrim Popeya Chkdsk()aya Namaha

How is this Sacrilegious? Everything is God, right? Und, Chicken (Food) is Essential… What is the etymology of Essential?

mid-14c., “that is such by its essence,” from Late Latin essentialis, from essentia “being, essence,” abstract noun formed (to translate Greek ousia “being, essence”) from essent-, present participle stem of esse “to be,” from PIE root *es- “to be.” Meaning “pertaining to essence” is from late 14c., that of “constituting the essence of something” is from 1540s; that of “necessary” is from 1520s. Essentials “indispensable elements” is from early 16c. Related: Essentially.

Therefore, One can pick a favorite Food and Deify it with Perception for Maximum Carpe Diem, Baby
Squeeze and Suck the… What What What? Day, mmmmkay
They Picked the Sun like the Christians and the Hindoos. Ever felt the Sun’s pranic Energy? It varies during Sunrise, sunset and Seasons and Ages.
Impressive! Fijians still have an old memory preserved. The second tier of Gods or Angels emanated from the Godhead take the form of Dragons/Nagas/Seraphim in all Depth-Religions. They actually look like Dragons in our Metaphorical Imagination Land. Strange, I know. Let’s not look at them in terms of Competing Life Forms (Aliens); We are not their Prey… I n reality we are all composites (not -Hybrids #Makuti) of their Dance. They are Hidden because they bestow Power among many opther things, and Control comes before ‘Tradition’ and ‘Discipline’ in their March.

[ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1262981/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_20 : This is a damn good Robbin Williams movie that I can only watch Once. Their war on Culture/Venus has resulted in a lot of Suicides ]

Esoterically, there are no Monotheistic Religions. Esoterically, Monotheism exists as a way to divide, enforce control, and limit Followers. [Elohim (pl.), ArchAngels, Navagraha and so on…]

David, who? The Seed, yes. Noor Sultan Tulyaaq Bhai, who? Ah, the Diana Memorial Guy who interrupted the Memoria-Alteration Ritual.

If the Indus Valley Civilization is connected to these villages, then this isn’t entirely true (Constellation filled Clay Tablets). It is possible that the Central Priestly class delegated just aspects of Worship to the Villages so that they can fulfill their functional roles.Investigate Kavi Arasu’s Joker Halloween costume Simulation.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kisar (Makarom Manouwe… let’s see if it is cognate with Makara, because we want to figure out what Manouwe is)… hmmm… Manu is Primordial Man in Skt. and Mawakhu might be the female correspondence. {might] Because this needs a closer Linguistic Study, for Citation-worth.

Meanwhile in Fort Cochin

Male and Female Dragon as the All-Father and All-Mother; that’s the only thing I’m interested in establishing. Back in the day, We wuz Turbo-Humans and shit; who cares? Where are We (sounded a little disingenous, but whateva Science) now? Mirror, Mirror.

The Internet doesn’t yield much; interested scholars may be able to find more Gold by dwelving into the References and Newer sources for ancient Wisdom.

Fit Villagers, huh? Equinox on Pine Street, perhaps? I think the middle two are Shamans because of their Head Crescent Ornament, the middle right guy being the Head to Heaven Connection
One might say that ithe Priestly class is pretty lame if their pre-occupation consists of building mana for increasing Gambling wins and exclusively partaking in other Fun Priestly Hobbies (like Dream Vampirism)
That Life Eater Zeus Thunderboldt simulation had such an underwhelming Chitta, LabelLows
They pieced it together, while the others only had a Sky Shard
Seeding, NOP-Sleds

[Pause at Page -60] (I have to research some new flame spells in Winterhold)

[Tonight’s Makuti Research: Batman Vs Superman and Lex Luther Zuckdawg Communes with an Old God or something]

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