Fiasco Hot Sauce Presents

Spice World: The Prequel

The seed is Hybrid.

The Gang and I have to go pluck some leaves today.

{Just a reminder to the Dream Vampire Voyeurs. When your superiors invite you to a dream to see how your prey will react to certain situations, keep in mind that the prey can be fully hypnotized completely overriding free-will. Your Vampiric Superiors are trying to retain their control over you with Illusionary dreams. (He got me into Art as a Hobby, actually… Supported all shenanigans. I gave your dream simulators the Death Card. The Tower claims to know all involved. Yep…Fuuuuuuuuuuuu) }

Broadcast – Multicast to Yesterday’s Dream Bungers

Great Success in Acquiring Male Energy Leaves.

I’m still adjusting all the new pranic imprints that the Octopus just gave me. Always shower after an Octopus run! As some of you may know, The Octopus will be dead soon (Citation:Infinity Codex); this will be a big relief for everyone

Transitioning from Octopus Chitta with

SeedQuest: [Piracy for Non-Profit]:

The Witch Apprentice Episode needs to be up for reseaech

Night at the Museum for Research

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