Plumbum Day Incorporated Presents

Today’s seed is Leg
Saturn Magic Square for Shenanigans
Arepo, Never Forget

As most of you know by now, the Supreme Godhead in all True Religions, splits into archetypal emanations. Saturn represents the Sun, as the Sun represents Saturn; the consolidation of all stories, even the seemingly stray narratives, woven through the fabric of Time.

Let us whirl again into the ancient magic square of Time dedicated to Saturn on this day of Cronos/Chronos.

The Square emanates a lot of Lead… Night… Time-Wax… Infinity… Silver-Moon… The Mother and Father in the aspect of the Age. The Mirror of Arepo… you may be lost in its ‘T-O-R’ or the ‘N-E-T’, but the Whole resonates with that One Song when you put it all together.

Mechanics Exam: 4/50 (Series – not University Exam) Origin of the Dummaz

/r/worldnews (depression)

One 27-year-old woman said: “I feel like I can’t in good conscience bring a child into this world and force them to try and survive what may be apocalyptic conditions.”

The Saturn Magic Square Yantra is now in the Waters for Maximum Fun!

Feel the Water as you Magic Square…

Feels like swimming, huh?

Tonight, we will explore the Western Mahabharata, Troy featuring that guy who was married to the lady from Marley and Me. Makuti, yes. Of course.

Achilles felt something in his Thumos (Bicameral)… The Thumm of the DragonBorne’

(Prana/Holy Spirit isn’t smoke or Alchohol, Popeyes)

Nous, Nous, Halu Hada?

“Megalothymia” refers to the need to be recognized as superior to others, while “isothymia” is the need to be recognized as merely equal to others. Both terms are neoclassical compounds, coined by Francis Fukuyama. (who?)

Pyramid VS the Plane on which the Sphinx rests on?

H.P(???<You_Calc.exe) H.P+H.P+L.K+UP+UP+L2 (??)

Loading (……………Low Seeds…………….;…{_

Flip this 90 degrees for the Secret

Nice, huh? You want to know a Secret? (Citing Poker) Yes? Me too!

Secrets tend to be very delicious! Who doesn’t want to hear a Secret?

Mammooth Tusk Weight: Kilos? Price: ? (Have you been to Ivarstead?)

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