Frost (und Sol)

Let us explore Ice

Study the Pranic changes from Ice to Water

Freeze More? Okay… Let’s see if the movement gets smoother.

Let’s focus on the gradual change of chitta from fluidity to solidity.

(Definitely more smoothness in movement) (Added some NavaRatna Oil for Mint-Berry Crunch Effect)

One can extract Elemental Bijas (in eidos) from the Yantra, and optionally encode this feeling with a Word of Power (vocalized).

The Solidity is building up… Earth? (I don’t use Lam… it’s going to be different for every individual, the Word of Power being the closest vocal approximation of the feeling). What’s interesting here, as opposed to just feeling Ice, is that one can study the progress of Elemental Transformation; this may aid is building a Bija of Being and Bija(seed) of transformation.

Motion’s getting harder now, like being hit with a Frost Spell in Skyrim. Once we complete the process of freezing, let’s use the unfreezing process as a in ritual in being Free.

If you’re hardcore, you might enjoy the full spectrum of the Yantra’s transformation.

This is what it feels like to spend time up in the cold mountains… of course, with the Forest as company. After a while, we’ll explore the transition to Summer Solstice.

[Uploading Today’s sort-of-random picks (it’s only truly random if every page is equally likely to be picked : Crypto) from the Tome of Symbols]

If you don’t feel cold, possibly because the Focus Eye is too muddled, try doing the Fire Breath (Blacksmith Breathing: Breath In Fast… Store in Tummy… let out through the Mouth… Quickly… like a BlackSmith beating shape into the Metal).

For Turbo Focus… After the FireBreath routine, take a deep breath in, Hold, and Focus on the Yantra. It’s important to be fully at ease, and be in a very receptive state of mind.

In 30 minutes or so, we will begin the unfreezing process.

Chronocrator: The Original Action Film
Discuss in 2 pages the 🍅 throwing ritual of Padmasambhava’s ButtoH! Eunuchs. My 🎣 is fully functional, just to be clear.

—-(Follow this path Only if Yantra Status: [ACTIVE:Defreeze]—-

(Preloading Music)

The process of getting The Sol’s warmth has begun.

[Heating Water for gentle addition to the Yantra] [Loading…]

Heat from the Sun and heat from the Fire are based on the same elemental principle (Agni)

In 60 seconds, the fire-infused water will be added.

The coolness still predominates; faint warmth can be felt.

The Fusion can be felt better now.

Try to focus on the Solar Prana (smokinnnnnnn’ in the lingo of a few putt-itioners). As the Tower knows, I prefer Idlis (Moon Bewbz, as they call them in Alaska).

The Solar Aspect should be like Gold vibrating gently.


Tonight let us study DiCaprio’s (proxy:Nolan’s) TeneT. The Yantra will undergo more transformations… he just keeps getting better and better, huh? At least for the first pass, I followed the Doctor’s advice and left my Intellect in a position sub-ordinate to my Instinct. That Magic Square leaves behind a different impression every time, Arepos. If you playback the movie in reverse, does it present a complementary narrative of the Twilight?

I don’t think I’ll be completing the Book of Hands (Pokhara Spice Land). The New Book will be available in the Main Menu.

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