The Good Husbands Forum presentSssssss

On Being a Man, by none other than Our Butlerina Emperossa’s HandMan (feminine form of HandMaiden… not related to Iron Maiden)

Let’s study his Domination- Pantera

‘Fortunately the President was nice about it’ : Third Person Und?

The Kiss of a Shaman, ah…

Let me be honest with you. I wouldn’t mind these two just presenting the weather in my vicinity. What does that tell you about Yo Mamma’s Man?

I kid… I kid…

It’s a Cat fight all over again. Bast Vs The Mast.

Let us look at our Emperossa:

The Wild Frontier

3,704,499 Views… Obama: I’m sure you were a little more than upset by this Presentation.

Drink Up me hearties… (finally some uplifting PR on /r/worldnews)

Hahaha! A quiz involving

That’s the Festive Spirit I’m looking for!

Let’s look up Ellie…. /r/50-50?

Indeed… Everyone knows that sub-reddit.

I saw a very strange news article today about a Sistine Chapel of the Past being discovered by an Arab Tomb Raider wannabe Princess. It seemed like a bait. Maybe you can checkdsk() her out for me? After all, relics from the past hold so much ‘Shine’.

There are numerous hand prints among the images on the cliff face.
Nice… what a merry festive co-incidence

I’m sure a few 100 people were involved, but ‘Palaeo-anthropologist Ella Al-Shamahi, the presenter of the Channel 4 series. Photograph: Marie-Claire Thomas/Wild Blue Media’ got the spotlight.

It’s a normal thing, right? A couple of hardworking people do all the work, and some Prince or Princess from Aurum Francium House comes in with pork chops and steals all the thunder. Who is Ella Al-Shamahi and why is she so Tomb-Raider-ish?

Who Cares?

News these days… I miss the days when one used hear about Midgets increasing in height by 6 inches because of some Russian Medical Magic or about Hitler’s throat ailments. Things have become so much more complex; so many games hitting you a t a deep psychological level. I’m sure many of you hot young-blood men hit the search bar for more insights; the same applies to the she-kittens looking for holes or poles.

This is cool:

The Coronation Virus … 666 marked out… a child with a key/rake…

Is this real? :: Did not hear about it in /r/worldnews; you know who owns reddit. Don’t be anti-semitic, now… fools don’t get the scapegoat-proxy mechanism of power; once you’ve demonized a few innocents, how are you different from ‘them’?

Did you notice the energy of that video… the prana imprint of ‘Hate’.

If only more people had the balls as these people, we wouldn’t have a corona virus situation. Sure, we need to keep things in the Waters; but that doesn’t mean we don’t respond to their Manifest-Waters shenanigans. The people behind Corona Virus mustn’t just get a symbolic slap-in-the-ass. If you want to upset the system, play by the What-Rules? I don’t know, man. If I were in France, I would be out in the streets throwing a molotov cocktail at the Bank… but that would be useless. I would feel heroic in a way, and there would be a lot of catharsis… but no solution to the real problem. After all, if we were to replace all the bad guys/girls, would our replacements be any better? {Animal Farm}. At the same time, wouldn’t our inaction be a fuel for further oppression? Good thing I’m not in any position to make a call (wouldn’t that be a nightmare), because who the hell knows what’s really going on? Nobody.

I still admire the French for taking a stand; people I know here have their tails between their legs social distancing from other life forms. We have to take them down, and that begins in the Waters; that’s happening now.

Let’s look at the bright side

nb3d6bn0w9261.jpg (432×768)
The Rothschilds are just puppets to higher powers; they started out in the ghetto, as some of you know.

If the Tower wants the Rothschilds dead in a day (the whole line), they could do it with just a nod; just another rags-to-riches narrative {delete}{find new proxy()} #EasyPeeCee

I don’t know if /r/conspiracy still has that rule on new user comments and submissions. Let’s respond to

Now let’s wait for the shills, the trolls and the Wunderkids.

“Your comment in /r/Conspiracy has been removed because its new”

from AutoModerator sent 3 minutes ago

They have an issue with Shills… it’s a very hard problem. Millions being pumped to disrupt counter-opinions. After all, you look at conspiracy theorists as tin-foil hat wearing weirdos. You are a part of the problem.

Hello and welcome to /r/Conspiracy. As your account is less than four months old, your recent submission/comment has been removed. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit /r/conspiracy_commons, a sub that serves as a provisional testing ground for new users that wish to participate in good faith on /r/conspiracy. If you have any questions, please feel free to message the mods at the following link:

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

No big deal.. I’ll just message the guy :)… very moving post, right?

Paddington Bear is an interstellar-entertaining (not-a-word-in-you-dic.doc) movie, right? I thought they stopped making movies this good. “My Boy” pulled a “Killed by Death” too. What else do you want?

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