Yo Mamma’s Man Presents

From an Amazon Review:

Das Photo macht einen anderen Eindruck als die Realität. In Wirklichkeit ist das sogenannte Notzelt nichts weiter als eine überteuerte Plastiktüte, die zudem so dünn ist, dass man, wenn man sie in der Wohnung auf dem Boden auslegt, durch sie durchschauen kann. .

Wenn man feste Abfallbeutel für Grünabfall mit Panzerband der Bundeswehr zum verkleben und einer Schnur als Notzelt improvisiert, ist das mit Sicherheit stabiler, da dickeres Material verwendet wurde.

Meiner Meinung nach eine Frechheit und ein Bes***** für den Anspruch “Notzelt”, trotz des Preises.

“The photo makes a different impression than reality. In reality, the so-called emergency tent is nothing more than an overpriced plastic bag, which is also so thin that you can see through it when you put it on the floor in your apartment. . If you improvise solid garbage bags for green waste with armored tape of the Bundeswehr to glue and a cord as an emergency tent, it is certainly more stable, because thicker material was used. In my opinion, a cheek and a ***** for the claim “emergency tent”, despite the price.”

It’s about limiting the Carry Weight… Not Price

Today’s seed, Partly picked by the Tower, is The 😈. Repeat, I know; but we will advance towards the 🐕.

Feat Greta Thurberg

It is true that Dogs can detect the evil eye and psychically scan those who hold grudge against the Dog’s human master. Even street dogs protect the random stranger, even if there is a scary Octopus involved. Investigate the Dogs that were hurt in Nepal because they barked at the Octopus slaves. Neutralize them ;). Dogs over Rabid Humans, any day.

It is also known that Human Mages can possess and fuck with animals, including Dogs. Investigate the Dog of Adyar Beach that changed his stance after the Life Parasite (Brah. Variety) Games.

Generally Dogs adopt the same stance towards someone as their Masters, dynamically(psychically) changing in attitude in synchronicity with their Master.

Dogs can be trained to watch over people as they sleep. A very effective solution against the Night Leeches; Cats are the same too… often striking their paws against ethereal forms.

If you choose the Fire Path, do not ‘own’ a ‘Pet’… it’s not ‘humane’. The Octopus Core will literally eat raw Human Hearts to initiate themselves into a Predator-Narrative; you know how war-clans in parts of the world initiate children into the ritual of murdering their own parents. Jungle.

Pre-loaded Music for Chapter 2 of Patterns
Varuna (of the waters) needs no spies because we are the waters manifest.
Varuna is a nobody in the current Hindu pantheon… the name ‘Varuna’, not the powers that represent the name


Rama interacts with Varuna in the Hindu epic Ramayana. For example, faced with the dilemma of how to cross the ocean to Lanka, where his abducted wife Sita is held captive by the demon king RavanaRama (an Avatar of Vishnu) performs a pravpavesha (prayer, tapasya) to Varuna, the Lord of Oceans, for three days and three nights, states (the RamayanaMenon) Ramesh Menon.[31] Varuna does not respond, and Rama arises on the fourth morning, enraged. He states to his brother Lakshamana that “even lords of the elements listen only to violence, Varuna does not respect gentleness, and peaceful prayers go unheard”.[31]

With his bow and arrow, Rama prepares to attack the oceans to dry up the waters and create a bed of sand for his army of monkeys to cross and thus confront Ravana. Lakshmana appeals to Rama, translates Menon, that he should return to “peaceful paths of our fathers, you can win this war without laying waste the sea”.[31] Rama shoots his weapon sending the ocean into flames. As Rama increases the ferocity of his weapons, Varuna arises out of the oceans. He bows to Rama, stating that he himself did not know how to help Rama because the sea is deep, vast and he cannot change the nature of sea. Varuna asked Rama to remember that he is “the soul of peace and love, wrath does not suit him”. Varuna promised to Rama that he will not disturb him or his army as they build a bridge and cross over to Lanka. Although, most of the sources claim it was Samudra, the god of the oceans who met Rama not the rain god Varuna [31]

This is how a cult assimilates the Shine of another cult.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aesir%E2%80%93Asura_correspondence (chkdsk() authoritative opinions of various scholars and general trends in deity demonization)

a- sura

Interestingly, Asuri is an epithet of the Mother Goddess; but https://spokensanskrit.org/index.php?mode=3&direct=au&script=hk&anz=100&tran_input=asuri doesn’t include that entry.

सुरm.surasymbolical name for the number thirty-three
Names are replaced, not the inner-meaning that is adored.
Let’s do the Werewolf ritual, huh?
Zeus is a Dragon, of course
Oh Mighty Zeus! Strike down these Parasites of Life, these Priests of Disharmonia.. Let them eat Cake made out of their own Hearts.

The UDP Gnomes were struck the most by this incantation. Legalize Drugs and Mordor isn’t playing.

I think all of us Hoomans can come to an common understanding in dealing with these ‘types’. Let us keep things in the Waters. Let us build a Mordor and ship all our Life Parasites to their Disneyland. They can leech off of each other. Let’s have cameras everywhere so we can watch their music. Hurrah for Mordor! It is do-able to create a psychic shield around Mordor to prevent their night trolling.

Legalize Drugs and Mordor! Legalize… Drugs and Mordor!

Since the Life Eaters are Anti-Fertility oriented (anti-Venus), let’s make Breeding illegal in Mordor. Fair enough? Yes! After all they still circumcise Babies. Let’s align their archetypes properly. It can be done magically now that we have a Bridge… let’s make it Teletubbies Friendly!

The Internet is Failing… because ‘Words’-Boyzone.

It also seems like they want the End of the World… Johnny Depp’s Apocalypse and the Ho of MoonBewbz. Let them Annihilate Mordor; like we will have a shortage of entertainment. As they say in Neverwinter Nights, Good Riddance.

I have to be honest. I just cannot stand evil fucking parasites and their lie-generating machines. Sure, we are all Gods and Life is Sacred. but you know what;’s more important than Life? Music! Life is overrated. Ask Japan. The Initiation Ritual sacrifice was for a Lady of Music. Had it been for Gloria or the Queen, I would have opted for the Dung-Out.

After all, even the Dead are alive… everything is God… is Life; so why bother saving the souls of Disharmonia-Overload in this realm? That’s a little too ambitious, don’t you think? We have priests who rape children in temples. Imagine them on a boat towards Zion. You know what … come back after a few thousand years in the Pit. Let’s forget all about your old narratives, first. Realist? yes. Practical? yes. Let me tell you something: Gandhi did more to empower the Colonial Cause with his nudist podesta empty philosophies and social models. Fuck Gandhi: The holier-than-thou son of a cunt who thought being a Brahmin made him the Elder brother(the person who makes the call) of all the other ‘lower’ castes. Fuck his drones too… with their ‘Swaraj’ Slavery embracing khadi wearing NOP-Sleds. Gandhi recommends enemas in his book ‘Experiments with Truth’. Consider this a Symbolic enema.

Thank you Gnomes! I am matching your cacophony with the good old fashioned Mirror.

Let’s talk about Nehru? Children’s day being November 14th in Britian-run Independumb India.

Don’t get me wrong…. many Indians think this way; it’s just that the Elders only get to express their voice in toilet paper worthy Moothrabhoomi editions.

Page 98[ Okay Music is back] Let us focus on a better Geezer: Professor Sir Mircea Eliade. Before you accuse me of sucking white dicks (like you did in Rishikesh), let me remind you that I listened to ‘Hai Ajnabee’ by A.R. Rahman this morning thinking about your Mom.

Who is surprised Gandhi went “Hey Ram” as some martyr shot the geezer in front of his Harem.

At least he shot your holier-than-thou ass while facing you. “Hey Rum!” “Hey Old Monk!”

That is a cool name

Investigate what BritaIn knows about Nehru(Bacon:MMMM) and Gandhi (Perv:yes)

Learn to Spell before you spell, Gandhi Dunggers

I didn’t predict a Shed Roast this morning. Things were all calm and peaceful, then Legalize Drugs and Mordor happened; then the Gnomes failed and Gandhi got Bunged again.

Apology Time: Inner Movement by Gojira

You think Obama should apologize for Hiroshima, India? Why don’t you start by apologizing for the covered up pre-Kalki Buddhist genocide. Fuck You.




[Listen… I castrated Modi in Dharamshala… this is just cute poetry]

[Even had Prince Harry do the Cannibal Holocaust River Ritual with the Queen in Wave 1 : Remember Diana]

Ah, that Sherlock Holmes meet the Queen scene was full of Jollity!

You see, this is why Lord Jupiter wants me to tone down things ‘ a little’. I get carried away with Mirroring you… forgetting that I can mirror all the good things in Life. I’m still working on it; but the Octopus is persistent. Water…. Water…. Let’s not forget: The Mother Goddess herself thinks that you deserve compassion because “you don’t know”; I agree with her… but when you’re in the flow, you just flow and hope all the divinities work together in harmony. Hence the symbolic violence as a Catharsis. My instinct wants most of you dead. Let’s be honest. 2000 something Japanese killed themselves in a month; do you think they’d prefer their society to die instead? Yes. As much as I love many of you, I just cannot stand the Beings of most of you. So let’s keep things in the Waters and hope the Opera turns out to be good after a while.

(Note: I am only addressing the Dickheads and VoxKrakens in these symbolic dumps)

On a very serious and practical note, let us consider the founding of Mordor. Let us ship the Predators in a place dedicated to The Game!

[Ocean Planet by Gojira]

Mordor will self-implode, of course. Remember? We are all One and Times are Changing. You think they will get along like fairies just because they have a common enemy and a supply of Raw Hearts to ritually feed on? This is why the Switch Card is a big deal. Even ex-Heart eater agree; they’ve decided to wear cool-shades and flow with the Times. The Tower enthusiastically agrees (bringer of Jollity).

Pardon me O’ Father… Let them eat your Thunder

[Investigate the Gentlemen and Ladies that got the Chimp Poo before invoking Mars… to complement military might with substance (magic) ]

Sorry Harry Pooter… in order to empathize (exercise empathy), pretend you’re battling the Octopus in ‘Foreign’ Lands. Is it true that your Missus used to attend (attends?) Spirit Cooking rituals (4chan pol had some photos)?


Let us investigate https://checkyourfact.com/2019/06/12/fact-check-meghan-markle-george-soros-son/

There’s one major problem, though: the woman pictured is not Markle. Rather, it is a woman named Hannah Motley. The man in the image is Alexander Soros, son of billionaire philanthropist and Democratic donor George Soros. Motley appears to be the daughter of Joel Motley, chairman emeritus on the board of Human Rights Watch.

Social Fuzzes are a problem for mortals like us… some of these Mages have elaborate records of all key personalities, as well as the ability to possess and Oracle-Query any human. Scary!

This isn’t the only time Meghan Markle publicly showed off her cooking skills.

In 2018, the Duchess of Sussex contributed to a charity cookbook to support the families of the Grenfell Tower victims.

Awww…. she’s alright, people
You have a Fairy Tale life, Harry
Moslem women too! What a Universal Soul!

It’s so easy to influence public opinions when you can just about print and stage anything.

Okay, Internet… Kyle Brofloski quits his Save the World over Internet Sidequest. The Tower will query Missus Merkle. Prepare your Broomshtickens.

I wonder why Alex Soros couldn’t afford fashion lessons from Nolan.

[Enough Gossiping… back to Doctor Eliade]

Investigate Gaia of ‘Who stole my hash’. #Pokherized #CrotchiferGotRapedAgain
Load Gnomes… Load()……fiona hickman…hello there…..

This is my second reading of Patterns, racers 😛

Indra is now considered a pompous fool with penises all over… you think Gandhi is a big deal? *Scoffs*

Indra, the symbol of virility(thunderbolt) defeats the Dragon Ahi. Ahi has interesting meanings:

Virility (you look for the scholarly source and approved scriptural authority source) is missing in the dictionary

There’s an Indian scholar who may be just a s good as Eliade; i think it might have been him who talked about Ahi. I forget his name; he used to work in the British Museum. His relative founded Cognizant, the Software UnderCorp. You know what… Notes related to this can be found in the second Wave.

If you finished Patterns, I recommend Shamanism (Eliade). Go crunch some symbols and build your citation count.

The general message being: Aspects of divinities are occulted over time with fabricated myths thousands of years ago. They replaced a Virile Dragon with a Man-Warrior associated with a cult or race. This is why the Dragon Jesus evokes John 3:14… and why Vishnu sleeps on Ananta … and Shiva has Vasuki over his Head and Shoulders. In modern speak, they are Unibrids one with everything (not Hybrids).

The very smart people down in the army still work on a Hybrid-Alien Invasion narrative. Do you See? Do you See? Their model of reality unfortunately for them does not include a pantheon of Higher Powers. All our ancestors found it important to encode these eternal ideas in our myths and monuments to help us remember; they did a damn good job against the lies and makuti of corrupted Priests. So let us respect what Humanity once was and pray that our children join them, wherever they are, rather than do the downward spiral in this Jungle of Ignorance and Bestial-Dominion.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHcmnowjfrQ (Und Kliken…)

Worddepress: Meiner Meinung nach eine Frechheit und ein Bes***** für den Anspruch “Notzelt”, trotz des Preises.

Maynard’s dick has more ‘Experiments with Truth’ than Gandhi’s… Respect.

This is why Pirates are the True Keepers of the Song.flac.

Esteemed Members of the Council,

As a personal apology, I would like to suggest that we watch Paddington (2014) this evening.

Long live the Queen and the Empire!



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