Buch Der Heiligen Dreifatigkeit

I’m trying to find a facebook page where I first encountered the information pertaining to the Serpent that tempted Eve as being a Feminine Goddess (God’s Female Aspect).

I think the researcher’s name is Max (Female). I got in touch with her back when I had access to Facebook; she had some solid research in this area.

Anyway, another interesting page: http://witcombe.sbc.edu/eve-women/5eveserpent.html

detail of the Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve, 1510
Michelangelo. Fresco, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome
Temptation of Adam and Eve
Masolino. c. 1425. Fresco
Brancacci Chapel, S. Maria del Carmine, Florence

Besides the obvious patriarchal alteration, it is important to realize that Bridge-Building towards the Stone begins individually with the Moon. Severing that connection by concocting lies concerning the evil embodied by the Female Aspect of God is a way for the Powers to limit the growth of the ‘rest’. I have met far too many Seekers who consider any interaction with the Angels to be dangerous or a blasphemy. This is why it has almost become instinct to immediately call anything revelatory, that contradicts or expands one’s mythic/religious world-view, to be Satanic

It is here that we begin fixing Our Reality.




Thank you /r/funny:

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