The British Lodge of Pickling Presents

Memory Palace: There once was a Head of a Tribe who had a magical Amulet. A sneaky Freemason wanted the Amulet for a Man Gegen Mann ritual. One night while the Head of the Tribe was asleep, the FreeMason sneaked into his sleeping chambers to steal the Amulet. Little did he know that the Serpent (Drakon) was guarding the sleeping Head. The 🐍 bit the poor mason in his tummy. The Mason ran off into the wilderness forgetting who he was. There he was introduced to the mysteries of Alchemy… And one day a morning 🌟 took pity on the poor Mason and decided to rest on his Head. The End.

This book looks neat but is very sloppy. That looks like Vak, not Brahma; and you don’t hold the Vedas in the Left Hand!!
πŸŒƒ Life Eaters from yesterday’s dream: you didn’t milk the πŸ„ properly. Jolly Bad Show!
Today’s Side Quest: let us build a new version of Drakons and Life Eaters. May the most fun version … Be played the most

It’s On…

The author is not an alchemist, hence the lack of depth; but really neat design and high definition images
Let us look at Splendor Solis today
The End

Let us look at a non-random section:

Play Ultima 7 Stones while looking at the FusDoRah script
Great Book!
In India, it’s usually a Bike… An Enfield or Hero Honda Passion. When a male on a bike spots a male worthy for competition, he thrusts his crotch towards the Bike. Thumbs up, I want my Thunder!

At 1:18:00, let’s go back to that great follow up movie Paddington 2. Observe sleep pranic energy imbued on to it. Let’s study that magic.

Quest: Extract the Lethargic Prana from the Movie… find the Dung Mages responsible. Make them Sleep for a long long long time in a Dung filled Barn

Tower says it can be done

Paddington 2 is a classic just like the original; i just wish the Pirate lady had more screen time… wee bit’ of the ol’ in and out.

Also, I would like to clarify that I have never been in jail or ever been handcuffed. I have, as many of you know, been detained by the Chinese Immigration Police; they were super nice to me; even got a free Sichuan Hot Pot Diner! They suggested that I either (1) Marry a Tibetan Girl or (2) Get a Job somehow to move to Tibet. The Chinese and Tibetan police folk were super nice.

Yes… a social fuzz was in the movie. I have long hair and a beard now

My father’s Big Brother did spend ‘some’ time in the U.K…. Okay…

Time to play with the Octopus

Until then,\

[After much Trolling, Silver, Phallic Stares, Alpha-Male Gorrillaz etc…]

We’re going to watch another Classic this afternoon

One Momma’s Man… so many faces:

Get Duked (Reloaded) in a bit

What a Classic movie, eh? I watched it twice in two months; should I say more? Nice one, Gizzard! The Director wrote the Rap Lines too… how cool is that?

Next up, we have AllenPalin, some Comedian I watch all the time: Bill Burt Reynolds or something…. and a fine Japanese Lass, an artist or something.

AllenPalin is with the Illuminati, according to Him.

Be with Everyone, Allen!

To be Fair, the Mother felt like a Bitch; what kind of Mother would present their domestic situation on Tele-Fucking-vision. Go Kid… Go!

Fuse the Spiritual Awards ‘Skit’ in the next one:

You know why I like Bill Burr? He speaks what he Feels…and he is Funny.

Let’s not laugh at Burr’s Feminist Jokes πŸ™‚ But he was cool about the time when Mia had a Banana ‘Touchie’.

Now, a Christian Prayer:

Allen Pallin/Big Burr: Please do a commentary mash-up on that hard to find video of this American Woman who kissed Hitler during the Games… Hitler’s Face.

Let’s start the Feminism discussion with this Video

Let us first focus on a symbol of the Divine Feminine… she feels like Lemon and Salt

And this one:

The Locusts of …

Hitler was Molested in Public

[Feminism Continued]

P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.S In Black

[Feminism Continued..]

Yes… more

Manism/ Machoism?

I guess we’ll do a Comedy tonight; I hope no one blows up a building or something to affect the chitta .

4th or 5th time: Tropic Thunder

Let’s watch another day… and too

Oh wait! Drakons and Life Eaters[

108 Squares

6 Die [King of Tokyo Hallow-een Dice: Pumpkin Colored] + 1 Standard 6 face die

[It’s got to be easy for a 5 year old to pick up]

The Players can influence each other’s position in the Board. Negative or Positive Influence until 54; Beyond 54, either Positive or Negative Influence.

Boss gameplay collectively rolled by all Players

Drakons lift you up [Ally influence with Hearts]

Life Eaters sink you down [Vampire influence with ATTK]

Let’s adjust the Gameplay and adapt the Gameplay after a few trial games [Creating A New Page for Board Design and evolving Mechanix-Megadeth (mash) 4 HorseMen-Metallica.


Drakons and Life Eaters (Pindar is a LVL 70 Boss)

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