Colored People of Atlantis Presents

I have to do some chimpTests1940s thanks to a tainted Fiio Music player.

Memory Palace: A long time ago, there lived an old alchemist in the Forests of Isolation. There he studied the miraculous powers of hundreds of herbs meticulously. One day he woke up to discover a new member among his company of plants: A Lotus! Out of nowhere…there were no lotuses in the Forest. At first, he suspected that his Sanctuary was invaded by michievious forces. Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was no ordinary Lotus… Each petal had hints of all the colours he had ever seen…and mysterious new shades pulsing with strange familiarity. Was he dreaming? As he thought, a Tree shot out of the Lotus! He was no longer in the Forest of Isolation. The Dawning Sun paused at the sight of the Tree… Eons of cosmic journeys ended and the Sun embraced the Tree with Love… Becoming an ethereal garment forever in embrace with Life. The Children of the Land felt strange tides of change, and they never saw the Sun or the Moon again. The best seekers among the Children forgot what the Sun and Moon looked like. They consulted ancient tomes and rock painting seeking to find what had been lost. They looked to the Eagle with great hope. The Lord of Eagles, the Two-Headed All-Seeing Falconnus felt pity for the Children. During the Night of the Solstice, He carried the best of the Children to the Tree…


Because of the Error, we dig deeper:

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh’s mother, the goddess Ninsun, ceremoniously bathes in a bath of “tamarisk” and soapwort before allowing Gilgamesh and Enkidu to begin their conquest.

In Genesis 21:33, Abraham is recorded to have “planted a tamarisk at Beer-sheba“.[33] He had built a well there, earlier.

In 1 Samuel 22:6, Saul is sitting under a tamarisk tree on a hill at Gibeah when he learns that David has returned to Judah.[34]

In Shahnameh, only a tamarisk arrow to the eye can wound the otherwise invincible Prince Esfandiar.

In the Quran 34:16, the people of Saba were punished when “[Allah] converted their two garden (rows) into gardens producing bitter fruit and tamarisks…”.

In the Old Testament, Saul’s bones are buried under a tamarisk tree in Jabesh.

In Egyptian mythology, the body of Osiris is hidden for a time in a tamarisk tree in Byblos, until it was retrieved by Isis. A reference to this is also made in the computer game, Age of Mythology, in which the head of Osiris is said to be hidden inside the trunk of a great tamarisk tree.

Wedgwood made a “Tamarisk” China pattern.

According to the New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, the tamarisk plant is a favorite of the Greek god Apollo.

This tree, like the old world Sycamore, is not infrequently seen in Scythian jewelry and art.

The Children were reunited with their Parents…the Lost Ones, after years of searching, discovered the Herb Garden… But no one was there.
It’s On: 30 – 14
Save the World, One Flac at a Time

What a pain in the ass, huh? These players advertise support for 256 GBs of music, and don’t even have a Search function. Clearly, 9999999999999999999909099909999990909999999909099999999999(wordpress cache….) * 99999999999999999999999 is a GodMode Crafting Function.

Pretty sure even this ( doesn’t support the Pandora’s Box Function of Search.

Since many pompous sons-of-bitches do not consider what I’m doing real work, I’ve decided to join Fiio as an Executive. Let’s see if they are Hiring.

They are Throttling my Posts …Thing[sic] (Street Musicians, to be specific)

Let us watch What Dreams May Come: When I was Younger I met a handful of… I wrote letters and poems for…even changed my MSN messenger nickname for… And then I lost it to the World… Now that Old World is only a memory with Magic… The bittersweetness of longing… Just to be With that person

[ They Bailed out Ananth! (Octopussy wants Focus)]

Update: (read the damn book, ya slitherin octopus before I order an omakase and ask for something a wee bit chewy to go with salmon skin ponzu)

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