Where Does The World End

Surely not at the Walls separating One from One’s Neighbors… Are you not Entertained?

2+2 is not 4 for those who do not want to listen and see themselves against the Truth. Perhaps, this is why most scriptural stories begin with a rift among loved ones.

There are Parasites who thrive on this. Did you read that modern take on Ravana (by Anand ‘Parashuram’s Thayoli Son’ Neelakantan Puppet… very good at influencing old ladies and their victim pseudo-narratives, and triggering Racial Tensions overtly) in a makuti filled Priest production? Yes, the same people who adore Parashurama, the one who slayed his own Mother and Sibling, because Daddy was too busy winning boons and winning tapas.

[A small addition to Anand’s Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anand_Neelakantan] (how a book let’s in narrative into your home) || This is how we get to the Vampires… Scale by Picking up the Sword, Boondocks.

The whole natural trend that each Gender takes when supporting the evils of their own Gender-manifestations is a root to so many Downward Spirals. Perhaps it is because one does not want to see one’s own Gender Archetype corrode against non-binary Truth.

The Mountain too has no boundaries… The Climb, the LVL 99 Bosses (because of Blood connection and other connections), the Downgrades in state of elation, the Nihilism and Anti-Sophia, are all here…even in one’s room (The Sanctuary)… In one’s sleep (Hello Vampires!). Before you traverse the Jungles, build a map of your safest spots… For they will haunt you wherever you are; even during Cosmic Visions and Divine Initiations, the narratives that lead you here will hound your peace, taunt your Being, rend your Peace…why?

We want to build a World in the Image of our own incomplete-corrupt Being. A Comedian builds a Comedy… A Poet builds a Saga…

Mata Pita Guru Daivom mantra resonates the Truth only when each word conjures its true archetypal essence. Are there Mothers, Paters or Teachers we can look up to? Yes, but no Pokémon Master can have it All… At least here, while the World is burning… Where family dinners are interrupted with Drone Bombings or Vampiric Manipulations…

Tool – Parabola

It’s not all Black and White… Wouldn’t give up anything or anyone because We know who writes them on to our Forehead as Fate.

Possess the best of all the Mother’s, Fathers and Teachers you know about, and you will be showered in Gold… And a better understanding of the lay of the land.

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