Live Shaman Fight (7 Years of, NBD: Seen it all) + Movie Night

We have a special guest in the House! Yep… a 4/10 rated Vampire showed up after shower to heat things up! I wish I could watch the 8/10 rated Amazonian Exorcism Witch wielding Red Demon go against her. Tonight we will watch Night at the Museum 2, because Magnolia might be too heavy because of today’s content. Let us adore that nice guy’s cheeks and laugh our asses off (if they pull this off good).

Let us hope strawberry on FruitBat systems compiles without issues. Winamp… you need a Linux Port, O Lord of Music Players, Whipper of The Llama’s Ass.

That sickly feeling during the whole movie was because of the unfortunate shaman fight. The fight ended with counting of sheeps, moos and a “my name is John Daker”… also identities in the form of the Eye and the Astral Ear were exchanged. I gave the Old Lady the name “Nora Brave”… because she had the M00nBalls to enter the Astral Ear. The Geez Breez team of do-gooders provided Moral Support. I guess the lesson we can all take away from this is that no matter how good things are, without the right perception, it’s all shite.

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