How do you Like Em’ Apples

Memory Palace (I was going to type in Mammary Palace, but):

There once was a very talented artist who dedicated his life to painting Fruits… not loonies, but those things that we can eat. He once had a dream where all the fruits of Mother Earth were laid before him. He woke up with an aching need to externalize his dream. His memory of the dream was fuzzy, so he decided to acquire all the fruits he could get his hands on. Now in those days, there was no or; so the artist went on a journey to document and collect all the fruits he could find. Since some fruits don’t last very long, he made wax replicas of all the fruits that would decompose. Smart Man. After many years he return home to finish his Magnum Opus. He arranged all his wax fruits and the actual fruits the night before the Full Moon in Virgo. The next morning he woke up excited to begin his work. But Alas! All the fruits, including the ones made of wax, were eaten up by Insects of different varieties. Seeing this as a terrible omen he decided to consult the Town Gypsy. The Gypsy pulled out her Tarot cards and presented him the Lovers Card. “You will be able to complete your work only when you find your missing half”, she groaned in epileptic frenzy. The artist was distraught and abandoned his work. After many years, he did meet a girl that he fell in love with. He found Gold… but never returned to completing the Vanitas. After all, what he wanted was fulfillment, not another painting with fruits, you looney!

Is that a Melon? Show us your work, critics…what? Oh, nothing? Easy to huddle around and just babble, eh? NoP Sleds, Christy (you barely got through pseudo-engineering-undergrad… how do you expect to understand)
Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare
In Wave 2, I cited a work that suggested that the Calf represented Moon and Venus. This image makes me think of the Bull, Aleph, Taurus, Etymology of God

It looks like I hit the media upload cap for this site. Time to jump to another Ship, Terra Incognita (cheval) style.


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