Drakons and Life Eaters

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108 Squares

6 Dice [King of Tokyo Hallow-een Dice: Pumpkin Colored] (or encode the values on to numbers on a standard die with a nice marker) + 1 Standard 6 face die

[It’s got to be easy for a 5 year old to pick up]

The Players can influence each other’s position in the Board. Negative or Positive Influence until 54; Beyond 54, either Positive or Negative Influence.

Boss gameplay collectively rolled by all Players

Drakons lift you up [Ally influence with Hearts]

Life Eaters sink you down [Vampire influence with ATTK]

Let’s adjust the Gameplay and adapt the Gameplay after a few trial games [Creating A New Page for Board Design and evolving Mechanix-Megadeth (mash) 4 HorseMen-Metallica.



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Hail Lord Nero
Let’s encode very True things in the board… but make the Gameplay Easy and Advanced-But-BalancedAdvantageButMoreDeepExperience

I’ve gone paintballing twice or so… I enjoyed this one format where one player gets to play the role of the almost invincible Predator (who cannot win but enjoys the fun involved in setting the game for the player. Not a Dungeon Master… but someone who can impartially change the tides of gameplay) {Let’s Work on this Stream… I don’t really care about winning… it’s the process of having Fun that is the True Spirit of The Game}

7 Dice for each Planet: The numerical standard die being Mercury. 27 Moon Days * 4 = 108.

The 6 dice roll patterns could be utilized (like Poker, but not in a way that requires a cheatsheet during the First Game)




We don’t need a Rectangle, do we? 108 Time Squares… and N Timeless Squares (mmm…nay…. not elegant enough)

I have a Hexagram Shaped Canvas…mmm… a Game that also works as a pseudo-divination board? Nope… we can paint and get better results.

Let’s look at the Catan Board layout… Shape’s like a Hexagram.

For the Board Aesthetic… the Waters surrounding the ‘Play Area’ reminds me of the Kalachakra Mandala

https://byjus.com/maths/factors-of-108/ (this domain is a #sim, no?)

9 * 12 is nicer… 12 Zodiac divisions… starting with the Winter Solstice (Astronomical)

But not a rectangle, please. We need a Circular sparse array that has 108 (nice looking when arranged in the ‘space’ of cells) areas to move to. You start at One and end at One… You split into Two as you pass from One… and before you hit the One, you consolidate the Two.

The One-Two Pairs can be beyond Time… but what of the 7(alignment not a problem if classified as beyond time)/9 (aligns well with 9*12)/12(too big)/33(too big) emanations beyond time in a way.

A central pillar of cells? For Fire, between the Sun and Moon… the Central Drakon: the Mother leads the Child to the Pater, always. The Cells in the Board can be arranged in a maze way (Drakon Head to the Cell) to encode these rules without memorization.

The Life Eaters are also Drakons, as we know… but depicted in a different way. Color Theory Compliments(Itten?)

If we think outside the box, and have the necessary skills, the board could be a 3-dimensional structure (pop-up books are magical, right?)… that’s another thought stream for later. The Levels can be an influencing agent in the Game, like in real life… assuming levels refer to Consciousness, and not some monetary, social or magical component within time. The Game gets a little too complex (but more deep: Game of Thrones Board Game FTW!)

Learning Time: 1 Hour or So Playtime: 3-4-5-6 Hours (But Epic!)… Let’s keep it simple for now


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Fricassée of Wild Mushrooms
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Chicken cooked in Riesling with onions, mushrooms and herbs, and a live harmonica performance by Julliard trained Musician, Arthur Mc’Pindahaar
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Pumpkin Soufflé
With bourbon, cinnamon and molasses sauce

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